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Don’t Kill Compass Kid [My Hero Vigilantes 77]

Where do I begin with this guy? For one thing, why Compass Kid? Did he never think to change it after getting older? Hm? Can you change your hero name? Midnight did make a big deal about picking a good name early on in the main series, after all.

Oh, damn… Quick! Someone get her a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Anyway, Compass Kid is also rockin’ a classic superhero costume, complete with a cape. AND, he’s talking about his family. AND he’s patrolling as part of the Naruhata Enhanced Vigilante Project on what could be his days off. Yep, he’s gonna die, y’all.

Speaking of family:

77CompassKid77Slidin' Go

Am I the only one here seeing a possible family resemblance? Hm…

It was either them being heroes or becoming characters in a Japanese RPG.

Okay, Okay. I should talk about the rest of the chapter. But, to be fair, not too much has happened. Koichi continues his training while Soga works on a plan to capture and free Queen Pop from the bees. Koichi literally can’t shoot anyone with his powerful Shooty-Go-Kablam projectiles because he’s just too gosh-darn nice. I keep saying it, but unlocking his flying ability is a must at this point. But, even if Koichi can’t use SGK against Queen Pop (or No. 6, for that matter), his training should help him escape the heroes patrolling the area and evade Queen Pop’s attacks.

So, should Koichi become a hard-ass? Should he get over his sub-conscious inability to seriously hurt people and beat the snot outta No. 6 and anyone in his way? Heck no! Why? Because that’s not Koichi! The Crawler is a kind person who doesn’t resort to brutality. And, it should stay that way in order to show Queen Pop and No. 6 he’s better than that. That he can do good without sinking to their violent levels. That’s The Crawler, my friends. And, that’s why Koichi will win.

Only Koichi can look cool delivering a special attack with the worst name ever.

This was a good chapter. From the police taking the bombing seriously to Queen Pop slowing going even crazier under the influence of the bees, things are coming to head in the coming months. I’m talking our time, of course. No. 6 implied Queen Pop is showing up today in their time. And, I bet he’ll be secretly giving her a hand by taking out a few heroes on the sly. Heroes like our dear Compass Kid. Noooo! Screw you, No. 6. I hope you get herpes!

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