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Strawhat Social Distancing [One Piece 979]

I care more about Pound being alive in the cover story than those Tobi Roppo meatheads.

Team Kaido celebrates winning the War on T-Shirts.

Y’all know the drill. The Strawhats have to separate for their individual or tag-team fights. The Monster Trio (Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji) naturally must each be on their own. The Weak Trio (Usopp, Chopper, and Nami) along with Shinobu and Carrot are traveling together. I really excited to see who they run into. Together, the Weak Trio is a force to be reckoned with.

Then, there’s Franky and Brook. Should be a fun battle or two for them. And, finally, there’s Jimbei and Robin, who I hope the latter gets to rumble against a baddie. Come on, Oda. Give Robin a good fight. It’s been ages!

Damn it, Oda! Stop objectifying your characters! I don’t care how sexy Jimbei looks, it’s wrong!

So, who’s following Jimbei and Robin? Could it be Kaido’s son, Yamato? If he doesn’t hold a big position in the Animal Kingdom Pirates, does that mean he’s weak? Or, too young? Or, both? I tend to agree with the theory he’s running away because Kaido’s forcing him to marry one of Big Mom’s kids to solidify the Animal Kingdom/Big Mom Pirate Alliance. I wonder if Pudding’s his bride to be? Sanji’s reaction alone would be worth Oda going that route.

Momonosuke’s looking hard at that dagger. Maybe he’ll step up and stab Kanjuro in the nuts. Eh, I don’t care either way. Luffy’s gonna save him no matter what.


Wait, is that all? *scrolls through the chapter again* Yeah, that’s all that’s worth talking about.

Kaido demands mint chocolate chip ice cream be the official dessert of the crew.

This was a good chapter. The Strawhats interacting with each other is always fun. And, it looks like Luffy’s gonna blow everyone’s cover. No surprise there, but it’d be nice to see him take down Queen as a warm-up. Just let him finish his set first, Luffy. The guy’s getting paid by the song.

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3 replies on “Strawhat Social Distancing [One Piece 979]”

I actually thought that Queen would fight against the Brachio Tank. I think it’d be funny, if nothing else. As for Yamato; I think he might be a bit on the young side. His Big Mom Pirate Bride: I hope anyone but Flampy. NO ONE deserves to be with that b*nt.

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