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Zoom For All [My Hero Academia 270]

It was hinted All For One and One For All were connected on a metaphysical level but I never expected Nana to conference call Shigaraki before leaving Deku a voicemail warning. I wonder if she’s got Obi-Wan’s number?

Ujiko’s been waiting to give Shigaraki a break dancing quirk for years.

Since I already mentioned her, let’s start with Nana Shimura. If she was the one at the end of the chapter who warned Deku, it’s safe to say she was really in Shigaraki’s dream. Were the rest of the Shimura Family “real” too? Maybe. But, I bet the All For One we saw was the real deal too! We also got a low-key confirmation the hand Shigaraki kept on the back of his head was Nana’s. Geez, AFO! Can you not be an asshole for one damn minute?!

He already has a Decay quirk, Ujiko. You didn’t have to give him Acid too.

Let’s talk more about AFO, shall we? I always figured his decision to make Shigaraki his successor was a long con, a way to create the perfect monster to destroy the world while he recovers from his injuries. But, now…I’m not so sure. Did All For One, in fact, go all-in on making Shigaraki the next him? Is Super Shiggy The Lord of Evil’s final middle finger to All Might and the world as a whole? I…I don’t know. But, I won’t let all this new information go to my head. At the end of the day, All For One cares the most about himself. He’s obsessed with One For All and who knows what his true endgame is. But, man, giving Shigaraki the original All For One quirk does make it seem like Petty For One really gave up. Hm… Nope! There’s more to his plan. There has to be! There’s a twist coming and I’m keeping my eyes open.

Shifting gears to Ujiko, that piece of garbage is really old! Nice to get confirmation AFO has his original quirk, Life Force. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. For One’s got another life-extending quirk in there too. Life Force doubles your life span, but he looks like he hasn’t aged a day looking at his flashback with the 1st User. Or, maybe he’s vegan? I don’t know.

Oh! And, it turns out Ujiko orchestrated the attack on Aizawa and Shirakumo just to kill Aizawa and steal his Erasure quirk. Wow! He and AFO are definitely two peas in a pod. Or, more accurately, two shit stains in a dictator’s underwear.

No one is exempt from Family Game Night.

What a good chapter! We really are about to enter a new era of the series. Shigaraki will be a force of nature and everyone not on his team is seriously screwed. But, remember, the true horror of the All For One quirk depends on the quirks stolen. Hero quirks are no doubt up for grabs but don’t count out powerful villain quirks too. Shigaraki could go shopping for quirks in Tartarus soon. Or, he could have some hero quirks delivered, via Gigantomachia. Remember when he was the most powerful villain after All For One? Those were the days…

Wait a minute! Don’t think I forgot about All For One’s ability to give people quirks. Could we eventually see all the LoV getting one extra quirk? Maybe two for Spinner; he really doesn’t need Gecko. Congrats, Spinner! You actually might become a real threat one day. Good for you, buddy!

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One reply on “Zoom For All [My Hero Academia 270]”

Remember all those Augmentation quirks he had while fighting All Might? He must be using those in conjunction with Life Force to keep himself alive as long as possible. It makes you live longer at the cost of athletecism. That’s at least what I would do.

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