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White (Haired) Men Can’t Jump [My Hero Academia 275]

Where’s Wesley Snipes when you need him?

Silly me. Until Shigaraki appeared before Deku & Bakugo I actually thought those two young heroes stood a chance. Pack your bags, Deku. Japan isn’t big enough for you and Shiggy anymore.

Of course, that depends on whether the heroes can beat Super Shigaraki and we all know that’s not happening. Unless Shiggy dies this arc, I have a feeling Gran Torino will do what he did to a young All Might and ship Deku’s 30% butt to America until it’s safe to come back. Naturally, Torino’s plan won’t work but It’d be nice seeing Deku in the US for awhile, meeting his father (Yeah, I think his dad’s in America) and Captain Celebrity. Bakugo will no doubt join him if he does leave the country because it’s Bakugo. OOOOH! There’s just so many options Horikoshi can go with at the moment. Not only with how this arc will end, but how these events will impact future arcs. I’m so excited, y’all!

Manga One Piece

Dr. Evil Orochi [One Piece 982]

Why not just kill Momonosuke now? Turn into a hydra and eat him or something. No? Gonna give the good guys a chance to save him? Okay then…

Someone hit a growth spurt on their way to Orochi! If he was wearing a 50’s leather jacket and sunglasses I’d swear he was a Number.

Kaido wants in on Laugh Tale. Did we know that already? Doesn’t matter, we do now. No, it does matter. Kaido might have a Road Poneglyph on Onigashima. Ooooh, nice!

Sasaki sucks. Moving on.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

A Number Two Attitude [My Hero Vigilantes 79]

Can you say battle royale? Good. Can you also say fu*cking fire tornado? Hot damn, Endeavor! How many fire moves do you have?

D-did we just get a low-key reveal of one of the most powerful rescue quirks in the My Hero Universe? Dude, why the hell are you a Z-Lister?!

Classic Endeavor is being Classic Endeavor, an abrasive hero not afraid to get the job done. What a jerk! How dare he get his sidekicks to clear the area before using a powerful long range attack! And, the nerve of him treating a high-scale villain attack seriously! It’s almost like he’s the number two hero and that comes with a level of professionalism or something. The asshole.

Basically, what I’m saying is Endeavor’s a jerk, but he’s still a Pro Hero. He WILL get the job done, just don’t expect him to do it with a smile on his face and without the villain getting beat up. That’s usually tolerable but as you know dear readers, Endeavor isn’t going after villains. One is a victim of body and mind manipulation and the other is a well-meaning citizen.

Manga One Piece

All T All Shade [One Piece 981]

Why can’t I shake the feeling I just want this arc over with?

Forget YouTube Reactor, everyone now wants to be a DJ .

Sure, the Wano Arc has gone on for awhile with little signs of ending anytime soon. Yeah, yeah, we’re past the halfway mark with just the battle against Kaido and Orochi’s forces left but there’s sooooo much build-up it’s giving me fight fatigue before the actual battles! To make things worse I don’t care about most of the enemies our good guys will be facing. Okay, Queen, King, Apoo and Kaido are interesting. Hawkings too. But, the rest? Jack? The Tobi Roppo? The Numbers? I just don’t give a damn about them.


A High Resistance to Fire and Restraining Orders [My Hero Academia 274]

Remember when people were complaining Deku getting Past Users’ quirks made him too powerful? Well, Deku, maybe you should start carrying a baseball bat too cause you’re gonna need all the help you can get, buddy.

Shigaraki finds someone with a Lip Balm quirk.

Shigaraki has Ragdoll’s Search quirk. Uh-oh! Now, he can track Deku wherever he goes. Or, maybe there’s a range limit, who knows. I’m assuming all these quirks (Search, Regeneration, Super Strength, etc.) are part of Shigaraki’s actual body and didn’t come pre-loaded inside the AFO quirk. It would make the pain Shiggy received for several months unnecessary if they all just came with AFO Pro Version. Either way, he’s got them and is not afraid to use them.

Big points to Endeavor for holding his own against the new Lord of Evil. He’s got the strength and battle experience to give Ultra Instinct Shiggy a run for his money…so far. Remember, Shigaraki’s fresh out the oven. We don’t yet know how many quirks he’s got now and all of this won’t matter in the long run because he’ll get even stronger by stealing more quirks. So, yeah, this is the weakest Super Shiggy will ever be. Yikes!

Manga One Piece

P@rty Cra$hers Feat. Eiichiro Oda & Bruno Mars (Only On Spotify) [One Piece 980]

♫Yo! Yo! Check it out. This chapter was a overall treat to read. We got to see Luffy and Zoro bleed. But, other than Apoo getting dissed by Kid. There wasn’t much else to talk about or pig. (It’s alright, Red. Keep goin’. Playa’s play, baby.)

Dude, you’re on your 4th margarita. Don’t blame Zoro.

♫Don’t care about Tama cause she’s just a brat. And all those wack Gifters need a back-hand smack. I only wanna see Queen rap & dance. While pouring alcohol down his momma’s pants. (Momma’s ass shakin’ left and right. Go to my house and we say goodnight.)

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Poppin’ In to Say Boom [My Hero Vigilantes 78]

About time an A-tier hero showed up. Queen Pop’s blowing up building left and right and the police sends Naruhata freakin’ Compass Kid? Glad you finally got a clue, Detective Tsukauchi.

Geez, man. Enough with the death flags. The United Nations Headquarters has less flags than you.

We learn why a young Pop Step first wanted to become an entertainer. As a way to get on TV and thank Koichi for saving her. That’s fine, but I’m glad she continues to do so because she enjoys it and not just because of Koichi.

Queen Pop attacks again but the C-Team heroes are ready to go. Oh, I’m sorry. I meant to say, D-Team. These jokers couldn’t catch COVID-19 in a packed bar during Spring Break let alone Queen Pop.

Manga My Hero Academia

You Better Have a Credit Card Quirk [My Hero Academia 273]

Because someone’s gonna literally pay for all this destruction and it won’t be the Japanese Government. Your ass? Ha! Ha! Ha! No. Endeavor’s coming to hand you your invoice.

Raise your hand if you want cake.

So, Shigaraki can choose what he wants to decay now. Pretty useful now that he has the All For One quirk. Also, we get another tease of upcoming erasure bullets when we learn Ujiko was (I think) replicating Eri’s blood. At this point, I’m thinking the erasure bullets will be a part of Shigaraki’s endgame. Makes sense. It’s a concept so awesome Horikoshi must be saving it for at or near the end of the series.

Eri’s blood, huh? It’d be really f-ed up if Shiggy got his hands on her Rewind quirk. He can basically use it as a healing quirk like Overhaul did. Yep, I’m gonna officially say he’s getting Rewind at some point. Either the original or a copy.

Manga My Hero Academia

Ohayō Gozaimasu [My Hero Academia 272]

And to think, all that destruction could’ve been avoided if X-Limp didn’t destroy the coffee maker. The new Lord of Evil doesn’t handle mornings very well.

Crust! Damn you, Thanos!

Where’s James Janisse when you need him? Is 13 dead? How about the Wild Wild Pussycats? Wash? Oh, who am I kidding? No one can kill Wash! Besides, they can just bubble themselves to escape. But, yeah, heroes are dying, y’all. And, big named ones at that like Crust and X-Lee. Oh, X-Learn, I think I’ll miss you the most. *sobs on morning donuts*

So, the one talking to Deku was The First User and not Nana Shimura. Okay. Interesting how he confirms Shigaraki broke free from the “shackles of humanity”. Basically, making sure Deku and the audience knows Shiggy is doing all this by choice. Sure, he was manipulated as a young kid by All For One, but aren’t all kids indoctrinated? Look, it’s not like you choose to speak English or whatever you native language is. Kids are a blank slate which is filled to some point by their caregivers and society. …Um, what was I talking about again? Oh, who cares. My guy X-Lamb is dead. WHY HORIKOSHI?! WHY!!!!!

Manga My Hero Academia

Shadow Bird Flu, But Dabi Can Too [My Hero Academia 271]

“Should we get started early?” Hm…what does Dabi mean? And, note that he said we. Could my theory Dabi was recruiting his own separate team all this time instead of for the League of Villains be true?

Tokoyami got a part-time job working at Uber Eats

Oh, my sweet Dabi. You really need an ice quirk to unlock your full fire potential, don’t you? Everything you do screams you’re getting one. And, hey! It’d be kinda fun seeing an ice/fire Dabi going up against his hero counterpart, Todoroki.

Tokoyami was great in this chapter. Saving Hawks, escaping Fat Gum’s tummy, this guy is on the road to hitting the Top 10 in the future along with Class A’s Big Three.