Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Poppin’ In to Say Boom [My Hero Vigilantes 78]

About time an A-tier hero showed up. Queen Pop’s blowing up building left and right and the police sends Naruhata freakin’ Compass Kid? Glad you finally got a clue, Detective Tsukauchi.

Geez, man. Enough with the death flags. The United Nations Headquarters has less flags than you.

We learn why a young Pop Step first wanted to become an entertainer. As a way to get on TV and thank Koichi for saving her. That’s fine, but I’m glad she continues to do so because she enjoys it and not just because of Koichi.

Queen Pop attacks again but the C-Team heroes are ready to go. Oh, I’m sorry. I meant to say, D-Team. These jokers couldn’t catch COVID-19 in a packed bar during Spring Break let alone Queen Pop.

Don’t forget. We all pretend to know the groom, stuff our faces, then go before the newly wed couple stops at our table.

Lucky for us, Koichi, Soga, and the rest head out to capture Pop before the police and heroes. And, it’s gonna be smooth sailing because other than No. 6 there’s nothing standing in there wa—Endeavor! Oh, no. Need I remind you dear audience that this is the prequel #2 hero Endeavor. Yeah, this is real bad for Team Koichi.

At least No. 6 being there could be an asset. I’m sure he wants to be the one taking down Koichi so you can bet he’ll try to mess up Endeavor’s plans on the down low or maybe he’ll just outright fight him. No way is No. 6 not getting his hands dirty at this point. The Crawler. Endeavor. He’s gonna scuffle with someone before all this is over.

Not to be outdone by Queen Pop, Endeavor spits some fire of his own.

A nice chapter. The tension is ramping up more and more each time. Endeavor will be an incredibly hard opponent to keep away from Pop. Not to mention what No. 6 will do during the chaos. And, chaos it’ll be, y’all. Let’s just hope X-Lip doesn’t show up or Pop and Koichi are guaranteed a long vacation in Tartarus.

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