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Ohayō Gozaimasu [My Hero Academia 272]

And to think, all that destruction could’ve been avoided if X-Limp didn’t destroy the coffee maker. The new Lord of Evil doesn’t handle mornings very well.

Crust! Damn you, Thanos!

Where’s James Janisse when you need him? Is 13 dead? How about the Wild Wild Pussycats? Wash? Oh, who am I kidding? No one can kill Wash! Besides, they can just bubble themselves to escape. But, yeah, heroes are dying, y’all. And, big named ones at that like Crust and X-Lee. Oh, X-Learn, I think I’ll miss you the most. *sobs on morning donuts*

So, the one talking to Deku was The First User and not Nana Shimura. Okay. Interesting how he confirms Shigaraki broke free from the “shackles of humanity”. Basically, making sure Deku and the audience knows Shiggy is doing all this by choice. Sure, he was manipulated as a young kid by All For One, but aren’t all kids indoctrinated? Look, it’s not like you choose to speak English or whatever you native language is. Kids are a blank slate which is filled to some point by their caregivers and society. …Um, what was I talking about again? Oh, who cares. My guy X-Lamb is dead. WHY HORIKOSHI?! WHY!!!!!

Present Mic realizing he’ll die before seeing Hamilton live.

Deku. He used a 45% Air Force attack. Oooooh! Is 45% his new 20%? Meaning, is that how much of One For All he can use without severely damaging himself? I assume so. And, if true, what’s his new base limit? I’d say it has to be at least 20%, but I’d go as far as to say it’s 25% at the very least and 30% at the most. That’s pretty damn strong! Never underestimate the power of on-the-job training and chia seed smoothies.

Let’s look at the big picture for a second. Hero wins this arc include:

  • Capturing Ujiko
  • Ujiko’s secret lab destroyed
  • Killing Twice
  • Wreaking the Paranormal Liberation Front’s main HQ
  • Destroying the active High Ends (with Shiggy dusting the rest I assume)
  • Knowing the identities of most, if not, every member of the PLF
  • Evacuating the city before Shiggy awoke
  • Shiggy 75% complete.

Not bad. Now, let’s check out the Villain wins:

  • Hawks (#2 Hero) heavily injured
  • At least one dead hero at Gunga Villa (the one Twice Clone stabbed)
  • Unknown amount of heroes in the city dead.
  • Shigaraki escaped capture and is awake
  • Gigantomachia’s leather pants

As you can see, while the heroes have removed Ujiko, the High Ends and Twice off the board, Super Shiggy and Sexy Giggy more than make up for the loss. I’d say the PLF will come out on top overall, but the arc ain’t over yet, my friends. We won’t know the true winner until this part of the story officially ends.

Quick! Head over to Starbucks before it’s too late!

A brisk read but still a great chapter. We’re just starting to see what this new Shigaraki can do and he hasn’t even tapped into the power of All For One yet! I only wish dear X-Low was alive to help Deku. Shigaraki wouldn’t stand a chance with them working together. Waaaa!

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5 replies on “Ohayō Gozaimasu [My Hero Academia 272]”

I can see him taking someone’s quirk now: he places his hand on them- and in addition to loosing their quirk; they turn to DUST.
Major losses on both sides…….but I think the villains lost a little too much with Twice’s death. The heroes have lost in terms of quality- while the villains just lost their Number’s advantage.
But you’re right; it’s not over yet!

Sure, the villain lost their instant win with Twice, but Super Shiggy more than makes up for it in my mind. Like you said, the heroes lost in terms of quality but the villains gained some.

And, who needs those PLF goons who lost to heroes when Shiggy can go shopping at Tartarus? Damn it, I want a prison break already.

I think I brought this up to you once before, but basically: I think it’ll be one unsuspecting, random @$$ day at UA. Tomura will come looking for One For All(Izuku), while a separate team goes “recruiting” in Tartarus. If I had it MY way: Tomura, Dabi, Compress, and Machia would be at UA as a diversion(their biggest threats acting as a diversion), and Geten, Toga, and Re-Destro invading Tartarus(the main objective……or “secondary” depending on which Tomura wants more- power, or freeing his sensei). This of course leads into All Might mirroring chapter 1- only it ends in catastrophe. And it also mirror’s episode 4 of Star Wars. I like to think that this invasion is also where One For All is revealed- if(SPOILER ALERT) it hasn’t been revealed yet based on the latest chapter.

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