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You Better Have a Credit Card Quirk [My Hero Academia 273]

Because someone’s gonna literally pay for all this destruction and it won’t be the Japanese Government. Your ass? Ha! Ha! Ha! No. Endeavor’s coming to hand you your invoice.

Raise your hand if you want cake.

So, Shigaraki can choose what he wants to decay now. Pretty useful now that he has the All For One quirk. Also, we get another tease of upcoming erasure bullets when we learn Ujiko was (I think) replicating Eri’s blood. At this point, I’m thinking the erasure bullets will be a part of Shigaraki’s endgame. Makes sense. It’s a concept so awesome Horikoshi must be saving it for at or near the end of the series.

Eri’s blood, huh? It’d be really f-ed up if Shiggy got his hands on her Rewind quirk. He can basically use it as a healing quirk like Overhaul did. Yep, I’m gonna officially say he’s getting Rewind at some point. Either the original or a copy.

I miss X-Loss, but I gotta admit Shiggy’s looking cool wearing his cape.

Did you notice someone talking to Shigaraki in his head? I guess All For One can Skype in Shiggy’s brain like The First User can with Deku. Dude, it’s called piracy! Anyway, where the hell was Iida running off to? I didn’t see him saving anyone like everyone else. Could he be headed to the Rear Guard for backup? Does he know about the Rear Guard? Maybe he’s gonna save the Pussycats? I don’t know, but I’m keeping my eye on him.

A huge shout out to Toga for bringing the pain. See, kids? Even if Hawks made a 100% full recovery (and he won’t), the League would find a way to tear him a new one. Hawks is a dead man grilling no matter how you slice it.

All of them. The League, Re-Destro, the Gorillaz Guy, Ice Guy, Suit Guy, The One Who Always Brings Cupcakes to the Breakroom, Mark Zuckerberg, everyone.

Another great chapter. Shiggy’s not wasting time getting his destroying on. ……Oh? Did you think I forgot about predicting how the Shigaraki VS Endeavor fight will end? Silly reader, we all know Shiggy will lose. That’s right, I said it. Well…keep in mind Endeavor can fly and Shiggy may not be able to fully counter the #1 hero’s flames. Also, our favorite evil dust bunny is at 75%. That’s gonna factor into the fight at some point. Even if Shiggy wins, the battle will drain him and he’ll have to retreat to rest and for a full body massage. And y’all thought Spinner was useless.

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