Manga One Piece

P@rty Cra$hers Feat. Eiichiro Oda & Bruno Mars (Only On Spotify) [One Piece 980]

♫Yo! Yo! Check it out. This chapter was a overall treat to read. We got to see Luffy and Zoro bleed. But, other than Apoo getting dissed by Kid. There wasn’t much else to talk about or pig. (It’s alright, Red. Keep goin’. Playa’s play, baby.)

Dude, you’re on your 4th margarita. Don’t blame Zoro.

♫Don’t care about Tama cause she’s just a brat. And all those wack Gifters need a back-hand smack. I only wanna see Queen rap & dance. While pouring alcohol down his momma’s pants. (Momma’s ass shakin’ left and right. Go to my house and we say goodnight.)

At least it’s not mumble rap.

♫No big surprise Luffy got the plan exposed. At least he’s got Zoro there to cut a dude and pose. But, we all know these lame fools won’t be a real threat. Just get to the strong guys before I break ya neck. (Drop, droppin’ sexy necks. Dat girl passed the test.)

♫L-Dog and Z-Man-cutter try to leave these fools. But, Discount Dj Khaled’s brother can’t stop flexin’ on dudes. A pissed off Captain Kid makes a giant fist. Then smashes Apoo’s body like his Gran does grits. (Your grits breath is fine fine fine, girl. Gonna make ya mine mine mine girl.)

No, man. I got 5 more songs on my mixtape.

♫A fun chapter was all it was and that’s okay. It’s cool that loser DJ didn’t get his way. And, maybe Apoo isn’t out the picture yet. He could come back with a remix backed by Alicia Keys. (…Okay, I’m out.)


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