A High Resistance to Fire and Restraining Orders [My Hero Academia 274]

Remember when people were complaining Deku getting Past Users’ quirks made him too powerful? Well, Deku, maybe you should start carrying a baseball bat too cause you’re gonna need all the help you can get, buddy.

Shigaraki finds someone with a Lip Balm quirk.

Shigaraki has Ragdoll’s Search quirk. Uh-oh! Now, he can track Deku wherever he goes. Or, maybe there’s a range limit, who knows. I’m assuming all these quirks (Search, Regeneration, Super Strength, etc.) are part of Shigaraki’s actual body and didn’t come pre-loaded inside the AFO quirk. It would make the pain Shiggy received for several months unnecessary if they all just came with AFO Pro Version. Either way, he’s got them and is not afraid to use them.

Big points to Endeavor for holding his own against the new Lord of Evil. He’s got the strength and battle experience to give Ultra Instinct Shiggy a run for his money…so far. Remember, Shigaraki’s fresh out the oven. We don’t yet know how many quirks he’s got now and all of this won’t matter in the long run because he’ll get even stronger by stealing more quirks. So, yeah, this is the weakest Super Shiggy will ever be. Yikes!

Horikoshi lets Tite Kubo, the mangaka for Bleach, work on this panel’s background.

Let’s all hope Endeavor catches up to Shigaraki and captures him. I mean, it’s not like Gigantomachia will show up to guard Shiggy’s body like some sort of bodyguard. Nah! That’ll never happen…

I said it last time and I’ll say it again, Nana’s Float quirk is coming this arc. It has to. It’s the only way Deku will have a chance at surviving. I do find it interesting Shiggy’s Grandma’s quirk is, in a way, a counter to his. Horikoshi, you sly devil you.

Super Shigaraki going after Deku will certainly raise some questions. Endeavor has to learn about One For All now. The cat is already two paws over the box. May as well tell the truth Deku and get the whole thing out there. But, will he tell his fellow classmates at some point? I’d say yes. Unless they’re all stupid, it’s gonna raise concerns why The Shigonator wants Deku and why the kid has whips and can float along with super-strength. Hell, I’m still shocked Aizawa didn’t demand more answers after Black Whip’s emergence during the Class A VS Class B fight. But, I’ll chalk that up to Aizawa figuring Toshinori knows what’s going on and is content with him looking out for Deku.

Because AFO decided to keep the Ice Cream Sandwich quirk for himself. Jerk.

This was a good chapter. Deku and Bakugo VS Shiggy ought to be good. And, I can see Ochako and Iida joining the fight at some point. Maybe have Todoroki team up with Endeavor against Gigantomachia. That’s right, y’all, anything can happen! Eri may show up to save the day. Or, Captain Celebrity. Let’s have Spider-man join the fight just because. No, make it Miles Morales Spider-man along with She-ra and a Gundam and Tina Turner and Emperor Carnage and The Power Rangers and……


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