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All T All Shade [One Piece 981]

Why can’t I shake the feeling I just want this arc over with?

Forget YouTube Reactor, everyone now wants to be a DJ .

Sure, the Wano Arc has gone on for awhile with little signs of ending anytime soon. Yeah, yeah, we’re past the halfway mark with just the battle against Kaido and Orochi’s forces left but there’s sooooo much build-up it’s giving me fight fatigue before the actual battles! To make things worse I don’t care about most of the enemies our good guys will be facing. Okay, Queen, King, Apoo and Kaido are interesting. Hawkings too. But, the rest? Jack? The Tobi Roppo? The Numbers? I just don’t give a damn about them.

Don’t be fooled, Kid. He’s just wearing platform sneakers.

We’re finally introduced to a Number, Haccha. So, basically, Numbers are enormus hipsters. Uh-huh… Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s more to them, like they’re actually ogres or something, like Oars and Little Oars, but that’s not enough to hold my interest in them right now.

The best part of this chapter for me is Luffy, Zoro, and Kid’s interaction. I really like their (Luffy & Kid’s) rivalry. Apoo and Queen were fun too but I had little interest in anything else.

And, of course, the seemingly strongest female in the Tobi Roppo owns a pleasure hall. I’m down with women owning businesses and if Black Maria wants to own an adult business I’m fine with it. Do what you want and make that money and all that jazz. BUT, Oda has such a bad track record with women in this series, I can help that this is an extension of his habit of seeing women as not much more than sexual objects. Not saying all women in One Piece are treated like sexual objects or stereotyped or treated as jokes because they aren’t “pretty”, but a heck of lot are. Too many for my taste.

Maybe I’m just bitter because Oden left such a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe I’ve gotten too familiar with how One Piece works (go to island, save it, rinse and repeat) that I’m secretly bored. But, I still love the Strawhat Crew and want to see more of their adventures! So, I’ll chalk up my not liking this chapter and arc to the arc itself not resounding with me and getting a bit bored with how Oda does things. Sometimes you’re not gonna love everywhere a story goes. And, for me, the Wano Arc is one of those arcs I just don’t like as a whole. And, you know what? That’s okay. I accept that and I’m looking forward to the arcs after it.

Oh, and Marco, Cat Viper, and Izo arrived at Wano. Oh, thank you Ancient Spirits of Evil! More characters I give a damn about! And, the Big Mom Pirates got the boot from Marco so we don’t have to worry about them helping Team Kaido in the final battles, nice. But, then again, I’m invested in them more than Kaido’s goons sooooo yay?

I’m I supposed to be impressed by this group of Thundercats rejects?

This was an okay chapter. The Worst Generation and Team Marco saved it from being bad. And, then there’s Big Mom spotting Chopper. Gonna be interesting how she reacts to him depending on whether or not she remembers her time with him when she had amnesia. If not, then Chopper’s gonna make a nice appetizer for Momma B. That is if Chopper doesn’t go Monster Point in her stomach, blowing Mom up from the inside. Now, THAT would make me forgive Oda for creating Oden.

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2 replies on “All T All Shade [One Piece 981]”

Okay; Big Mom eating Chopper WOULD be pretty funny! I can also see why you’re not interested in the Numbers; I have to say that they(or at least Haccha) didn’t live up to their hype. I remember how cool they looked GOING to Onigashima. But THIS…….this was kind of a lame way to introduce a character- especially since he’s so drunk he probably doesn’t even know what he did.

I’m sure they’re tough but I could care less about them. Giants or Ogres, whatever they are aren’t that powerful compared to devil fruit users as far as I’ve noticed.

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