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A Number Two Attitude [My Hero Vigilantes 79]

Can you say battle royale? Good. Can you also say fu*cking fire tornado? Hot damn, Endeavor! How many fire moves do you have?

D-did we just get a low-key reveal of one of the most powerful rescue quirks in the My Hero Universe? Dude, why the hell are you a Z-Lister?!

Classic Endeavor is being Classic Endeavor, an abrasive hero not afraid to get the job done. What a jerk! How dare he get his sidekicks to clear the area before using a powerful long range attack! And, the nerve of him treating a high-scale villain attack seriously! It’s almost like he’s the number two hero and that comes with a level of professionalism or something. The asshole.

Basically, what I’m saying is Endeavor’s a jerk, but he’s still a Pro Hero. He WILL get the job done, just don’t expect him to do it with a smile on his face and without the villain getting beat up. That’s usually tolerable but as you know dear readers, Endeavor isn’t going after villains. One is a victim of body and mind manipulation and the other is a well-meaning citizen.

Chill out, Mr. Driver. It’s just your Friendly Neighborhood Rabbit-Man.

Unfortunately, victim or not, Queen Pop is leveling buildings. She’s a huge threat that does indeed need to be stopped as quickly as possible. And, dear ole Koichi is a vigilante, and to the #2 Hero that makes him a villain. Makes sense when you think about it. From Endeavor’s perspective, he’s worked his butt off for decades trying to reach the top of the hero pile. He takes pride in his work and here comes some dude off the street thinking he’s a hero without going through the proper channels. Getting in the way of his perfectly executed operation with the gall to think he can stop Queen Pop instead of him. I. Don’t. Think. So. If The Crawler isn’t willing to put in the work to at least get a hero’s license (either because he’s incompetent or lazy) then he’s not worthy of being a hero. Period.

Or, maybe Endeavor’s pissed because Koichi’s wearing an All Might hoodie. Sometimes the simplist answers are the best.

So, Team Endeavor now has two villains to contend with. But, let’s not forget about No. 6. He’s responisble for all this after all. I’ve said time and time again I believe No. 6 created this whole scenario to lure out Koichi, label him as a villain, then get the credit for capturing him. If that’s the case, Endeavor is one heck of a wrench in his plans. Unless, No. 6 is confident he can take down Flamebeard. And, you know? With his Overclock quirk, regenerative abilites, and bomb body, he may be able to do it. One things for sure, it’s gonna be one dozy of a fight!

I’m sure that’s just Endeavor’s roundabout way of saying “group hug”.

A good chapter, y’all. Endeavor VS Koichi is pretty much a done deal. I think. All I know is it’s gonna be helluva hard for The Crawler to escape with Queen Pop when Endeavor, his sidekicks, No. 6 and the police lurking around. I’m really excited where this arc goes. It’s anyone’s guess now.

Except for you, Steve. Koichi won’t be burned so badly it’s revealed he’s Dabi, okay? Yeesh, dude. We all know Dabi’s All For One’s son. It’s so obvious. Duh!

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2 replies on “A Number Two Attitude [My Hero Vigilantes 79]”

“Koichi is Dabi?” That’s a THING? Huh. And you’re right about Endeavor being a wrench in No 6’s plan. However; I wouldn’t put it past him to have made Queen Pop the distraction for something like this.

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