Manga One Piece

Dr. Evil Orochi [One Piece 982]

Why not just kill Momonosuke now? Turn into a hydra and eat him or something. No? Gonna give the good guys a chance to save him? Okay then…

Someone hit a growth spurt on their way to Orochi! If he was wearing a 50’s leather jacket and sunglasses I’d swear he was a Number.

Kaido wants in on Laugh Tale. Did we know that already? Doesn’t matter, we do now. No, it does matter. Kaido might have a Road Poneglyph on Onigashima. Ooooh, nice!

Sasaki sucks. Moving on.

One chance to mingle? Just how many budget meetings and corporate conferences do they attend a year?

Shogun Orochi and Kaido are on some half-assed alert for an enemy fleet. Let’s call it drunk alert. To be fair, they’re right about all their forces being in one place. Caught by surprise or not, it’s gonna be a hard fight to win for the Alliance.

So mush for Big Mom having nice feelings for Chopper. She’s out for blood! And, a big screw you to Prometheus for trying to snitch on Team Nami. Let Zeus do what he wants! Even if Nami hadn’t taken him, Zeus still would’ve left for college. He doesn’t want to live with his mother forever, you know!

Uiti and Page One ran into Luffy. Don’t care.

Ah, yes. The proud tradition of strip dancing after capturing prisoners has long been part of Wano history for thousands of years.

This was an okay chapter. Blah, blah, stuff happened. Blah, blah, waiting for the big battles to happen. It’s the same thing every week. At least we got to see Marco again! If you haven’t already, subscribe to his podcast wherever you listen to them. It’s called Pirates on Ships Getting Coffee. It’s already on it’s second season. I recommend the episode with Shanks twerking on Mihawk. Best episode ever!

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