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White (Haired) Men Can’t Jump [My Hero Academia 275]

Where’s Wesley Snipes when you need him?

Silly me. Until Shigaraki appeared before Deku & Bakugo I actually thought those two young heroes stood a chance. Pack your bags, Deku. Japan isn’t big enough for you and Shiggy anymore.

Of course, that depends on whether the heroes can beat Super Shigaraki and we all know that’s not happening. Unless Shiggy dies this arc, I have a feeling Gran Torino will do what he did to a young All Might and ship Deku’s 30% butt to America until it’s safe to come back. Naturally, Torino’s plan won’t work but It’d be nice seeing Deku in the US for awhile, meeting his father (Yeah, I think his dad’s in America) and Captain Celebrity. Bakugo will no doubt join him if he does leave the country because it’s Bakugo. OOOOH! There’s just so many options Horikoshi can go with at the moment. Not only with how this arc will end, but how these events will impact future arcs. I’m so excited, y’all!

How nice, Aizawa’s got a cover page. ……He’s gonna die, isn’t he?

And, poor Bakugo’s feeling the weight of One For All. It’s getting harder and harder for him to keep up with Deku. Someone on a forum I visit made a point about if All Might inspiring Bakugo to be Deku’s rival was a good thing knowing that he’ll never surpass Deku once he reaches his 100% full potential. I like to think All Might did the right thing because Bakugo, at some point, must accept he won’t become the number one hero. But, unlike being salty like Endeavor about it, Captain Explosion can accept it while still pushing himself to be the best hero he can be, for himself, and NOT to surpass Deku.

Shigaraki seems to have knowlegde of all the quirks he’s got, shifting threw which combination would be best dealing with the heroes’ radio communications in his mind. That ain’t good. Seriously, where the fish & chips are 13 and Wash? I know you both survived, damn it! Get over here and help!

Oh, and this is a bit of a random thought but you know how I have this theory about mutation quirk users (Eri, Shigaraki, All For One, The First) all having white hair and red eyes? Well, could 13’s Black Hole be a mutation quirk and she has white hair and red eyes like the others? Just throwing that out there.

With Twice dead, someone’s got to rattle the fourth wall.

This was a good chapter. Shigaraki’s a force of total destruction and he’s got One For All on his mind in a bad way. Again, I’m excited to see how or if the heroes can beat back Shigaraki before Gigantomachia arrives with…well, back-up. Because, right now, even with Endeavor and Aizawa, I see it being a very hard fight.

And, where’s Ms. Joke? I know she’s at Gunga Villa but I miss her. Call me, Jokey. I’ll make you the best instant ramen noodles ever while we watch the Artemis Fowl movie. No one can resist that.

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