Manga One Piece

Shin? No. Boo! [One Piece 988]

[Shinobu’s Theme Song]

Damn, Shinobu. Can you do anything right? Welp, I’ve officially given up on you doing anything meaningful for the rest of the arc. Have fun being a pointless joke character.

Luffy went from Pirate to YouTube reactor.

Lot of stuff’s happening. Looks like Oda’s gonna do the thing where he gives most of the important characters at least 1 or 2 pages every chapter. A bit messy but Oda does know how to make it work.

Not a lot of deep commentary to talk about. We’re in Full Fight Mode, so it’s bang, bang, boom, boom with some flashbacks probably sprinkled here and there. Sanji VS King may end up being a thing. No sure with Oda, he could switch things up if he wants.

Manga My Hero Academia

Respect Your Elders [My Hero Academia 281]

Unless they’re Republican. Ooooh, I’m so topical.

Anyway, let’s talk about the chapter.

Be brave, Nana. Flat Earthers aren’t worth crying over.

Gran Torino is gonna die.

Okay, it’s possible he may survive, but come on. Being killed by his old friend’s grandson. That’s way too poetic not to happen. He’s doomed. But, since Shigaraki can’t use his quirks we’ll get to hear some final words from the old hero at some point before he goes.

So, what’s up with Shiggy’s body? A power-up from the looks of it. Could that be where things go wrong for him? Could this black line power-up be too powerful? Maybe activating it for too long will eventually hurt him because he’s incomplete. Look, something has to go wrong with Shiggy body at some point. It’s simply a question of when, not if, it happens.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Midnight Confessions [My Hero Vigilantes 84]

[Recommended Reading Music]

Well. Well. Well.

I was not expecting her to show up.

Midnight regrets eating a Brussels sprouts salad for lunch.

Who knew out of all the pro heroes Koichi and Pop met, it’d be Midnight who saves the day! What a great callback to a great character. It makes sense when you think about how she knows both vigilantes’ identities and has an overall deeper relationship than every pro they’ve met with the possible exception of Captain Celebrity.

Her quirk really came in handy. Now, all Pop and Koichi have to do is clear their names. And, again, I believe Makoto and Detective Tsukauchi will be key figures in helping the illegal duo exonerate themselves. I can even see the crab cop, Kaniko, helping out along with Fat Gum.

Let’s talk about identity. No. 6 wants one, badly. That’s why he latched on to becoming the next O’Clock. He had the quirk, so why not also take the name? Too bad he went about achieving his dream in the most evil way.

Manga My Hero Academia

Robbed Pinky [My Hero Academia 280]

I am NOT a happy camper.

Girl, that must be a jelly monster ’cause jam don’t shake like that.

You know me. I love it when female characters get to fight in a fighting series. Last chapter ended with Mina forming her Acidman, presumably to get to Gigantomachia and toss the sedative canister in his mouth. I saw this week’s color cover of Mina and I was even more excited.

Then…I saw the chapter’s title.

Red Riot. Oh, fucking hell.

My dear Mina got thrown into the background so Kirishima could have his moment. Total. Utter. Bullshit.

Yeah, yeah. I get it. Kirishima is redeeming himself from not acting when first confronted with Gigantomachia back in middle school. But, did it have to happen at the cost of Mina’s development?! Sure, Mina was scared. But, she did what she had to do and broke down after the job was done. This here seems like her character regressed all for the sake of giving Kirishima the spotlight.

Fuck that shit!

Don’t tease me with Mina then toss her aside like Giganto did Mt. Lady. Don’t hype her up last chapter then give her the fucking cover spread just so she could be Red Riot’s prop. I hate this so damn much it’s driving me crazy!

Manga One Piece

Kaioken [One Piece 987]

The battle, or should I say, war has begun.

Oh! Jinbe’s first color spread with the Strawhats. And, he’s just in time to help them walk the dogs.

Surprise, surprise. Kaido isn’t dead yet and he takes the fight to the top of Onigashima where Cat Viper and Dogstorm are ready to go full Sulong along with the rest of their Mink soldiers. Well, that should keep Kaido distracted long enough to see Luffy and the others’ fights.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Lenny Kravitz Would Be Proud [My Hero Vigilantes 83]

Flight Watch 2020 is officially over. And, the winner is Koichi Haimawari! Congratulations, Crawler! Between you and Deku, you were the first to fly away. Please enjoy your prize: A $20 gift card at KFC and a Gang Orca key chain.

Really, Endeavor? Have fun filling out that property damage claim.

How does a vigilante defeat the #2 hero? Answer: You don’t. You simply get the hell outta there. And, that’s what The Crawler did, escaping an enraged Endeavor by going Plus Ultra and flying to safety.

Manga My Hero Academia

Attack on Titan [My Hero Academia 279]

The UA kids try putting Gigantomachia to sleep. That’s about it.

It’s a bit too early for the victory dance, don’t you think?

What do you want from me? A play-by-play of the chapter? You know I don’t do that. Let’s see… What to talk about… Oh! How about Hagakure still being useless even though she’s invisible? She better be the traitor because her inability to be competent is just plain sad now.

It’s a good plan by Momo, making Giggy fall then throwing sleeping, um, juice in his mouth. Too bad Shigaraki’s bodyguard isn’t having it. Transforming morale into physical energy and being numb to pain. Okay, that’s two quirks for Giganto confirmed! Gigantification is no doubt another in who the heck knows how many he’s got. Probably has a yodeling quirk mixed in just because.

Manga One Piece

Slim Shady [One Piece 986]

Hi kids! Do you like violence?

Mack Daddy Kaido talking to ladies at the club.

Right out the box, I have to say this was a very good chapter. Team Luffy Alliance successfully infiltrated Kaido’s island with fake I.D.’s even though most of them are over 21 and now the drinking can begin…after their mega battle fight debate war that’s about to go down.

Did Kanjuro seriously get off-panel killed? Nope. I can’t believe that B.S. The real Kanjuro probably pulled a Doflamingo and painted an exact replica of himself. He’s somewhere doing who knows what in a bathroom stall. You can draw a lot of cocaine with enough white paint. Just sayin’.

Oh! Shinobu might do something! I’m raising her death work flag to half mast.