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Attack on Titan [My Hero Academia 279]

The UA kids try putting Gigantomachia to sleep. That’s about it.

It’s a bit too early for the victory dance, don’t you think?

What do you want from me? A play-by-play of the chapter? You know I don’t do that. Let’s see… What to talk about… Oh! How about Hagakure still being useless even though she’s invisible? She better be the traitor because her inability to be competent is just plain sad now.

It’s a good plan by Momo, making Giggy fall then throwing sleeping, um, juice in his mouth. Too bad Shigaraki’s bodyguard isn’t having it. Transforming morale into physical energy and being numb to pain. Okay, that’s two quirks for Giganto confirmed! Gigantification is no doubt another in who the heck knows how many he’s got. Probably has a yodeling quirk mixed in just because.

Is that a literal handgun I see? Looks like Dabi’s not the only one packing heat anymore.

Dabi’s letting loose with his fire quirk. If he tires himself out the League is done. And, with Mt. Lady and some heroes on the scene things aren’t looking good for the bad guys. I guess some PLF dudes will be showing up as backup soon.

Ms. Mina! Finally! It’s Mina’s turn to shine in the series! Looks like she’s about to do her Acid Man attack and force the sedative down Giganto’s throat. Ooooooh yeah! Please, please, please, Horikoshi. Give her this moment. Or, at least, let her fail with style. Just gimme something, damn it!

Even Toga’s amazed Sato’s doing something.

Good chapter. Straight forward. It delivered what was promised in the last. Can Gigantomachia be stopped with the League of Villains as his handicap? Probably not, but as long as the Gunga Team keeps them away from Super Shiggy long enough for that 25% in-completion to kick in there’s still a chance for the heroes to pull off something resembling a win. Aw, man! Where’s The Crawler when you need him?

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