Manga One Piece

Slim Shady [One Piece 986]

Hi kids! Do you like violence?

Mack Daddy Kaido talking to ladies at the club.

Right out the box, I have to say this was a very good chapter. Team Luffy Alliance successfully infiltrated Kaido’s island with fake I.D.’s even though most of them are over 21 and now the drinking can begin…after their mega battle fight debate war that’s about to go down.

Did Kanjuro seriously get off-panel killed? Nope. I can’t believe that B.S. The real Kanjuro probably pulled a Doflamingo and painted an exact replica of himself. He’s somewhere doing who knows what in a bathroom stall. You can draw a lot of cocaine with enough white paint. Just sayin’.

Oh! Shinobu might do something! I’m raising her death work flag to half mast.

Yes, I did. Your egg salad’s behind the orange juice on the middle rack right where you left it!

Props to Momonosuke for his bravery. We all knew it was coming but it was still a great payoff. And, speaking of payoffs, that last page with the Akazaya Samurai attacking Kaido was glorious. And, that’s coming from someone who barely gives a crap about them! Sure, Kaido isn’t near dead from an attack like that but at least they may have did some damage. My guess is they hurt Kaido juuuust enough that when it’s time for Luffy to deliver the final blow, his injury from the Akazaya will pay a role in his ultimate downfall. Of course, if the Akazaya were smart they’d aim for Kaido’s eyes but who am I to talk? The closest thing to a sword fight I’ve had is using a butter knife on hard ice cream.

So, what did Luffy do to Yamao’s—erm—Yamato’s handcuffs? Haki? Or, did Luffy awaken his devil fruit power? Well, I didn’t see the handcuffs turn black (a clear indication haki is being used), so I’ll go with Luffy making the cuffs rubber then yanking them off. Gotta say, y’all, I’m excited for all the moves Luffy can potentially pull off with his devil fruit awakened.

Don’t forget about the 5,000 Wano Hipsters who also pledge their loyalty and self-indulgent poetry to Kaido.

Again, this was a great chapter. Yeah, I’m still kinda over this arc and am ready for it to end, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to go out in the flashiest, craziest way possible. Also, screw the Flower Capital. Those privileged a-holes have been enjoying themselves while the rest of Wano suffered and now I’m supposed to care about them? See? It’s stuff like that and Od*n, and this 50 year battle build up that’s annoying the crap outta me. Whoa! Calm down, me. I’ll take another CBD gummy bear.

Grrr, OD*N! …Um, better make it 20.

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