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Lenny Kravitz Would Be Proud [My Hero Vigilantes 83]

Flight Watch 2020 is officially over. And, the winner is Koichi Haimawari! Congratulations, Crawler! Between you and Deku, you were the first to fly away. Please enjoy your prize: A $20 gift card at KFC and a Gang Orca key chain.

Really, Endeavor? Have fun filling out that property damage claim.

How does a vigilante defeat the #2 hero? Answer: You don’t. You simply get the hell outta there. And, that’s what The Crawler did, escaping an enraged Endeavor by going Plus Ultra and flying to safety.

*sniff* *sniff* Anyone else smell burnt dickhead?

Okay, maybe not so much flying to safety as flying away, running out of energy, then plummeting to your death. So, how will Koichi and Pop get out of this situation? Well, is there anyone they know who could save them? Hm… Ingenium? No. Aizawa? No, no. Who is friends with The Crawler that can fly? That’s right, y’all, Captain Celebrity! Could Makoto have convinced him to return to Japan to help out Koichi and Pop? It’s possible, but that would put the dear Captain in a particularly bad position with the Japanese Government. Hm, maybe Koichi will have enough energy to get himself and Pop out of harm’s way. Guess, we’ll see.

Aw, poop, erm, excuse me, I meant poor No. 6. He lost his chance to get all the glory. What will he do now? Maybe there’s still a chance he can catch Koichi. The guy has regeneration, after all. He’s nowhere near out of action yet. Either way, his plan is coming apart and I absolutely love it. I get the feeling No. 6 will start losing his composure very soon and finally get revealed as the villain he really is.

In your face, Deku!

Great. Great. Great chapter! Very straightforward but it makes sense. All Koichi could do against Endeavor is escape and he’s still gotta get to Soga and save Pop. He’s got no time for Mr. #2 or Mr. #2 (Shitty O’Clock II)’s crap. But, there’s still the question of Pop and Koichi’s names being cleared. Hopefully, Soga and/or Makoto and Detective Tsukauchi can help in that department. I, of course, will be helping in the Hype Train Department. All Aboard! Choo Choo!

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2 replies on “Lenny Kravitz Would Be Proud [My Hero Vigilantes 83]”

No 6 is about to blow his stack. Man; his plan didn’t have a CHANCE to get started. He FINALLY got all the pieces together- and it fell apart without anyone so much as SEEING him. Ha! He’s going to be furious! But will it be a “passive aggressive” furious- or a “YELLING FOR NO REASON!” angry? I’d say more passive aggressive than anything.
I think Aizawa or Ingenium is going to save them. Captain Celebrity………I think we’ve seen all of him for “Vigilantes.” Now the MAIN series provides some opportunity.

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