Manga One Piece

Kaioken [One Piece 987]

The battle, or should I say, war has begun.

Oh! Jinbe’s first color spread with the Strawhats. And, he’s just in time to help them walk the dogs.

Surprise, surprise. Kaido isn’t dead yet and he takes the fight to the top of Onigashima where Cat Viper and Dogstorm are ready to go full Sulong along with the rest of their Mink soldiers. Well, that should keep Kaido distracted long enough to see Luffy and the others’ fights.

And each one of them wants to talk to you about Scientology.

Perospero. Doesn’t look like he’s fighting Marco. Guess he was serious about focusing on killing Luffy. If so, it still doesn’t make sense they aren’t fighting. I guess Marco could be chasing Perospero, but since when was Perospero a fast character? Eh, I don’t know what’s going on there.

Um, what else happened? Yamato hates Kaido. Luffy declares everyone of his enemies is getting a sandal up their ass. Open warfare. Wow, we got a lot of drama but not much happened. But, it feels like more happened. I guess someone should get around to saving Momonosuke. Shinobu? You won’t fail, right?

If what I heard about what’s going on in the Jacuzzi is true, plenty of them are already grabbing their weapons, heh heh.

This was a good chapter. Like I said, we got the drama and the war is beginning and that’s about it. But, that’s fine. Luffy’s war declaration and Kaido’s response was a great opener to what’s to come. Still waiting on Big Mom’s speech. If it’s anything like her Ted Talk on Sugar Substitutes it should be interesting.

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