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Robbed Pinky [My Hero Academia 280]

I am NOT a happy camper.

Girl, that must be a jelly monster ’cause jam don’t shake like that.

You know me. I love it when female characters get to fight in a fighting series. Last chapter ended with Mina forming her Acidman, presumably to get to Gigantomachia and toss the sedative canister in his mouth. I saw this week’s color cover of Mina and I was even more excited.

Then…I saw the chapter’s title.

Red Riot. Oh, fucking hell.

My dear Mina got thrown into the background so Kirishima could have his moment. Total. Utter. Bullshit.

Yeah, yeah. I get it. Kirishima is redeeming himself from not acting when first confronted with Gigantomachia back in middle school. But, did it have to happen at the cost of Mina’s development?! Sure, Mina was scared. But, she did what she had to do and broke down after the job was done. This here seems like her character regressed all for the sake of giving Kirishima the spotlight.

Fuck that shit!

Don’t tease me with Mina then toss her aside like Giganto did Mt. Lady. Don’t hype her up last chapter then give her the fucking cover spread just so she could be Red Riot’s prop. I hate this so damn much it’s driving me crazy!

Um, who’s left helping Edgeshot and Cementoss fight Re-Destro and Geten?

Rant’s over. Moving on.

We have confirmation who Majestic is and he’s bringing the party (complete with a bunch of named heroes) to Gigantomachia. Remember, they don’t have to defeat him but merely force him to spend energy attacking so the sedative can kick in faster. Still, that’s a tall order against someone who can step on you.

We end the chapter with Super Shigaraki on the ground. Team Endeavor won! But, uh-oh! It happened off-screen so you know it won’t stick. And, right on cue, Shiggy’s body looks to be going threw some kind of change. That can’t be good. Could this presumed transformation be what Shigaraki should’ve been if he was 100% complete? Maybe. My guess is whatever is happening will have a time limit or some other flaw due to his premature ejaculation from his tube.

If Momo can create weapons like that, what’s stopping her from dumping out a couple of fighter jets?

Fuck this chapter! The Mina stuff ruined what would otherwise be a good time. Why couldn’t both Mina and Kirishima have the moment? Have Red Riot back Pinky up so it’s a legit team effort. Oh, hell, now I’m pissed off again. Damn it, Horikoshi! You’re grounded! In fact, ALL of Shonen Jump is grounded for two weeks. Go to your room and think about what you did. And, don’t you dare let me catch you playing League of Legends or else!

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3 replies on “Robbed Pinky [My Hero Academia 280]”

This is a “role reversal” situation. And Mina……..well; that was saving kids. And this- they just have to prevent Machia from going somewhere. It’s like……what am I trying to say? Um……..AH! Mina’s body reacted before she had time to think. But here; she’s completely aware of who and what she’s up against. And when you’re aware of that there’s a wild animal that you know is going to attack if you so much as flinch; you’d either fight for your life, RUN for your life, of FREEZE. Her body chose freeze. Kirishima had a similar experience the first time.

Understandable, but Gigantomachia was already a huge monster when she ran toward him. I get what Horikoshi was going for but it still seems like a fake out so Kirishima can take the spotlight.

And, worse, I’m not confident Hori will build up Mina as much as he’s done for Kirishima. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s made to be content letting Kirishima be the tough guy while she plays constant backup.

True. And like you told me regarding Luffy surpassing the Yonko: “Shonen series don’t typically give woman the big battle roles-” or something along those lines when it came to Big Mom. But I think what we have to keep in my mind is that they’re in High School. Chances are that some of these characters won’t be seen after the High School portion of the story. Mina might reach the end of whatever character arc Horikoshi intends for her rather early. And he doesn’t seem like the type to pull a “Dragon Ball” and recycle the same character arc or “do them dirty” like that. So if anything; the “After Character Arc” Mina might go away. Maybe she does what No 6 did- not become a pro hero, but get her Hero’s license so she can still help.

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