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Midnight Confessions [My Hero Vigilantes 84]

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Well. Well. Well.

I was not expecting her to show up.

Midnight regrets eating a Brussels sprouts salad for lunch.

Who knew out of all the pro heroes Koichi and Pop met, it’d be Midnight who saves the day! What a great callback to a great character. It makes sense when you think about how she knows both vigilantes’ identities and has an overall deeper relationship than every pro they’ve met with the possible exception of Captain Celebrity.

Her quirk really came in handy. Now, all Pop and Koichi have to do is clear their names. And, again, I believe Makoto and Detective Tsukauchi will be key figures in helping the illegal duo exonerate themselves. I can even see the crab cop, Kaniko, helping out along with Fat Gum.

Let’s talk about identity. No. 6 wants one, badly. That’s why he latched on to becoming the next O’Clock. He had the quirk, so why not also take the name? Too bad he went about achieving his dream in the most evil way.

A broken water pipe. That brings tonight’s property damage total to…$87,765.09. Would you like to pay with cash or credit?

Seriously, it’s almost funny how Koichi and No. 6 are total opposites from a personality perspective. Here, you have No. 6, a true blue sociopath completely fine with murdering as many people as he wants to reach his goals. A person so wrapped up in himself he blames Koichi, the guy he tired framing for murder and kill his best friend, for his defeat. Now, that’s 100% fresh squeezed crazy, y’all.

And, then there’s Koichi. The most empathetic character in the series who’s always tries to help others. A guy only concerned with helping the evil burnt man threatening the life of him and Pop. Koichi’s almost aloof about it all, but I guess I would be too if I was being threatened by a half dead chicken nugget.

In the end, though, Number 6 will return. When? Who knows? The story will take a breather after all the excitement of the recent chapters. We’ll get on track with the next arc and in maybe 3, 4, or 5 chapters, No. 6 will be back and ready to rumble.

Wear your sunscreen, kids.

Another great chapter, dear readers. Pop is alive, but her ordeal with have long lasting physical and mental repercussions and don’t forget she’s still classified as a villain. Her and Koichi’s lives are still in turmoil right now and it’s gonna take the help of all their friends to get them back in order. But, before that, they should probably invest in some bulletproof helmets. Just sayin’.

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