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Shin? No. Boo! [One Piece 988]

[Shinobu’s Theme Song]

Damn, Shinobu. Can you do anything right? Welp, I’ve officially given up on you doing anything meaningful for the rest of the arc. Have fun being a pointless joke character.

Luffy went from Pirate to YouTube reactor.

Lot of stuff’s happening. Looks like Oda’s gonna do the thing where he gives most of the important characters at least 1 or 2 pages every chapter. A bit messy but Oda does know how to make it work.

Not a lot of deep commentary to talk about. We’re in Full Fight Mode, so it’s bang, bang, boom, boom with some flashbacks probably sprinkled here and there. Sanji VS King may end up being a thing. No sure with Oda, he could switch things up if he wants.

Sanji and King wearing the coolest looking PPE you’ll ever see.

Oh, look! Big Mom’s gonna be this arc’s Luffy Obstacle™ keeping him from immediately fighting the main antagonist. Well, it’s better than him being stuck in a pool of water with his head sticking out. I’m actually really excited to see how a monster like Big Mom will be defeated. I just hope they don’t go the amnesia route again.

We meet our second Number, Nangi, confirming the Numbers are just Oni giants. Meh.

Here’s a question: Will Zeus return as Nami’s partner? I’d say yes. It’s the perfect upgrade for her. So, unless Usopp unlocks the ability for Nami to use weather powers without a staff (AKA The X-Men’s Storm), I don’t see her fighting prowess increasing without Zeus.

Not the first time Big Mom got slapped in the face with a big phallic object.

This was an okay chapter. Um, what can I say? Fights are happening. Yeesh! These reviews are gonna be real short unless something else happens. Maybe Robin and Queen will sit down and have an intellectual debate on modern monarchies and their impact on sociological and psychological evolution?

Or, a dance-off. I’m not picky.

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