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One (Army) For All? [My Hero Academia 284]

*PSST!* Hey, Deku? This isn’t the final battle.

If case you were wondering… Yes, the carpet matches the drapes.

Sure, attacking Shigaraki at 100% is your only option right now, but the war’s not gonna end here. Better hope Eri has enough power and training to heal your limbs. Or, maybe, one of the OFA Users has some kind of healing quirk. Nothing to make you immune to using 100% without being ready, of course. That would defeat the purpose of your training. I’m talking just a little something that keeps your arms from turning into banana pudding.

Speaking of past One For All Users, what’s up with the 4th? What exactly did he do that’s keeping Toshinori from giving Deku the full story on him? My Hero fans on the internet have already noticed the 4th is the only User who doesn’t look all that beat up when he was passing his power. See:

So, what happened? Could Toshinori’s line about not only the wicked seeking power be a clue? Could the 4th had gone in a different direction than simply trying to overpower All For One? Actually, an Evil Overlord beatdown wouldn’t work at all since he’s just the 4th User and I doubt the One For All quirk was even half as strong as it is now. So, maybe the 4th sought out power through other means. Maybe he tried taking over the underworld himself or tried building an army. Maybe…he joined an army to help him accomplish his goal. A…Liberation Army?

Manga One Piece

The Spy Who’s Who Loved Me [One Piece 990]

Hawkins is a total punk. X Drake got punk’d. And, King looks like the lead singer in a punk band. Coincidence? Yep, it totally is. What? Not everything’s intentional, you know.

Glad the X Drake is on Luffy’s side early on. We don’t need any fake drama between them. Although, wasn’t he the one who led Kaido’s forces in destroying Tama’s village? Whoops! Send the bill to the Navy, I guess. I hear their credit’s good.

It was surprising seeing Drake one-shot a Number, but I blame myself for giving those BFG’s (Big Fodder Giants) the bare minimum of expectations. They’re so lame. Even if they get back up it won’t matter. I’m more scared of One Piece anime filler than them. Go down and stay down!

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Bodyguards [My Hero Vigilantes 85]

Operation: Protect Pop is a go!

Koichi just low-keyed sniped from way up on that building. I’m so proud of my boy! *cries*

Pop still hasn’t woken up. It’s gonna be rough when she does. I’m not talking about her being officially arrested or anything like that. Detective Tsukauchi is a straight-arrow but he’s not stupid. The Queen Bee parasite alone is proof Pop was the victim in all this. Midnight and Makoto backing Pop up only adds to her credibility. No, I’m talking about the mental, physical, and psychological effects of being controlled by Queen Bee. It’s gonna be rough battle for Pop getting past this ordeal.

It’s actually really good Detective Tsukauchi’s on the case. Again, he’s no dummy and is determined to get to the truth. While The Crawler could be considered a suspect, Tsukauchi knows well enough he’s most likely isn’t at this point. Team Koichi just has to find proof No. 6 was behind it all. And, it won’t be all that hard of a sell for Tsukauchi to believe them considering he’s tussled with No. 6 waaaay back in chapter 35. It’s all coming together, y’all!

Manga One Piece

A Sucker for Strawhat Crew Group Shots [One Piece 989]

Look at at Monster Trio in the middle looking all cool. Yeah, I said it.

Talk about fan service! I love the Strawhat Crew, and baby, that’s what I got in spades.

Franky’s definitely the MVP of the chapter. Not just with saving Nami and Carrot, but having such cool lines about what it means to be the crew of the Future Pirate King. And, that’s exactly who Luffy’s crew is! Now, it’s time once again to put their money where their mouth is.

Actually, I’m not really worried about the crew’s opponents besides Big Mom, Queen, and King. The Tobi Roppo? Bleh! The Strawhat crew can deal with them, no prob. The Numbers? Who cares?! General Franky and Monster Point Chopper’s got them. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed at how lackluster Kaido’s crew is overall. Very few of them screams powerful, it’s mostly a numbers game backed up by ancient zoan fruits. The Big Mom Pirates are way more interesting to me.

Manga My Hero Academia

75% Complete, 2% Skim Milk [My Hero Academia 283]

[Recommended Reading Music]

Strap in, kiddos and kiddettes. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

He’s got a Freddy Krueger quirk. RUN!

Whose dead? Seriously. I don’t know. Majestic? Gang Orca? Fat Gum? Okay, maybe not Fat Gum. Or, Gang Orca. Or, Suneater for that matter. But, most of the unnamed heroes’ fates are up in the air. And, even the heroes we personally know and love may sustain terrible injuries forcing them to take a leave of absence. Maybe for a few weeks. Maybe permanently.

Remember when I said Horikoshi wouldn’t let Gigantomachia rampage through a bunch of cities? Yeah…um…I was wrong. Granted, there was an emergency alert so many of those cities’ civilians will hopefully have time to escape, but city folk will die. How many? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised when all is said and done that this will be the biggest loss of life Japan’s had in decades.

Manga My Hero Academia

Ctrl + Alt + Deleter Round [My Hero Academia 282]

Shigaraki’s healed himself. That ain’t good.

Nothing except peanut brittle.

Yep, all the damage the heroes done to Shiggy is gone, just like that. …Um, I snapped my fingers for added effect. You couldn’t hear it but I totally did and it was cool.

Anyway, let’s talk about Eraser Head. He chopped off his broken leg. It’s sucks but he can get a prosthetic one like Re-Destro. Man, that panel of him playing with Eri really hit me. What a good dad! But, hey, at least his eyes are still there. Not sure if it matters with everyone getting tired except for Shoto who finally showed up. Dude, next time go to the bathroom before the mission starts!

I liked Deku punching Shigaraki with Black Whip wrapped around his arm. Hope to see more cool combinations of his quirks in the future.