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Ctrl + Alt + Deleter Round [My Hero Academia 282]

Shigaraki’s healed himself. That ain’t good.

Nothing except peanut brittle.

Yep, all the damage the heroes done to Shiggy is gone, just like that. …Um, I snapped my fingers for added effect. You couldn’t hear it but I totally did and it was cool.

Anyway, let’s talk about Eraser Head. He chopped off his broken leg. It’s sucks but he can get a prosthetic one like Re-Destro. Man, that panel of him playing with Eri really hit me. What a good dad! But, hey, at least his eyes are still there. Not sure if it matters with everyone getting tired except for Shoto who finally showed up. Dude, next time go to the bathroom before the mission starts!

I liked Deku punching Shigaraki with Black Whip wrapped around his arm. Hope to see more cool combinations of his quirks in the future.

Shigaraki confuses Aizawa with Madden 21.

So, how will Team Deku stop Shigaraki? Well, Shoto could combine his fire with Endeavor and Bakugo for an awesome attack, I guess. Other than that, I’m still waiting for Shiggy’s incomplete body to fizzle out.

Finally, let’s talk Gigantomachia. Do I think he’s gonna end up killing thousands of civilians? No. But, for that to happen he’s gotta be stopped. Or, at least someone’s gotta keep him distracted long enough for Momo’s sedative to kick in. My money’s on Majestic. He’s been slowly hyped up by Horikoshi to be a top-tier hero. But, let’s not forget about another powerful hero. One who wasn’t even at Gunga or Jaku, Best Jeanist! Yep, I’m throwing it out there. If ever there was a time for him to come out of hiding and fight it’s now!

Or, what about the Commissioner General of the Police Force? Maybe he’s got some alternative to heroes ready to go. Again, now would be the perfect time to initialize his plan.

This is what happens when someone says “2XXX can’t get any worse.”

This was a good chapter, but I’m starting to get fight fatigue. It’s time for this arc to wrap up, or at least for it to go in a different direction. Not sure how that’s gonna happen with Shiggy healed and Giganto about to plow through multiple cities but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Or, I could break into Horikoshi’s office. Hm…I wonder how much chloroform goes for these days…

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4 replies on “Ctrl + Alt + Deleter Round [My Hero Academia 282]”

About Aizawa getting a prosthetic- what’s the likelihood of that leg having some kind of eavesdropping device to listen in on what the heroes do regarding Aizawa? Because he can be both a huge asset if they get a hold of his quirk- and a major threat had Tomura not had that bullet in his pocket.

I’d say no because the leg could be built by someone like Powerloader.

And even if it’s not, the heroes know Re-Destro’s a villain so they won’t be ordering anything from his company anytime soon.

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