Manga My Hero Vigilantes

The Bodyguards [My Hero Vigilantes 85]

Operation: Protect Pop is a go!

Koichi just low-keyed sniped from way up on that building. I’m so proud of my boy! *cries*

Pop still hasn’t woken up. It’s gonna be rough when she does. I’m not talking about her being officially arrested or anything like that. Detective Tsukauchi is a straight-arrow but he’s not stupid. The Queen Bee parasite alone is proof Pop was the victim in all this. Midnight and Makoto backing Pop up only adds to her credibility. No, I’m talking about the mental, physical, and psychological effects of being controlled by Queen Bee. It’s gonna be rough battle for Pop getting past this ordeal.

It’s actually really good Detective Tsukauchi’s on the case. Again, he’s no dummy and is determined to get to the truth. While The Crawler could be considered a suspect, Tsukauchi knows well enough he’s most likely isn’t at this point. Team Koichi just has to find proof No. 6 was behind it all. And, it won’t be all that hard of a sell for Tsukauchi to believe them considering he’s tussled with No. 6 waaaay back in chapter 35. It’s all coming together, y’all!

This guy looks just like Bob Hope. You know, Bob Hope, right? He was a comedian, movie star and—eh, never mind. I’m old…

The subtle exchange between Detective Tanuma and Soga talking about Knuckleduster was nice. You can tell Tanuma realized Soga’s connection to KD and that’s why he let the boys go. Why keep them locked up when they can be out there helping to catch the real villain? I really like how Tanuma’s willing to bend the rules for justice.

This chapter also did a great job of setting up the coming battle between No. 6 and Team Koichi. Soga and the boys seem ready but this is No. 6 we’re talking about. I don’t think he’s attacking the hospital alone. I can see him bringing those bio-engineered flying monsters from the Sky Egg arc to the party. Even worse, maybe a few Nomu prototypes! I think the series has time-skipped enough for them to make their debut. Nothing like the USJ Nomu, of course. But, something nasty enough to keep everyone busy in order for No. 6 to make his way to Pop.

“Special Patients” being celebrities going through rehab. Pop Step is actually recovering in the hospital’s Lindsay Lohan wing.

This was a nice chapter. Like I predicted, things are slowly building up again to No. 6’s big attempt at killing Pop. Will he show up next chapter? Maybe. Or, maybe we’ll check-in with Makoto and how she’s working to help clear Pop and The Crawler’s names. One things for sure, Koichi is taking Pop’s safety seriously. So, if No. 6 wants to get to her, he’ll have to go through him.

Yo, Midnight? Think you could call Aizawa and Present Mic for backup? Or, at least let Koichi borrow your whip.

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2 replies on “The Bodyguards [My Hero Vigilantes 85]”

I wonder if No 6 is already in the hospital- trying to kill her slowly with poison or something. That way, it won’t look suspicious; it’ll just look like the left over toxins from the Queen Bee did her in. Until he ultimately tells Koichi.

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