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The Spy Who’s Who Loved Me [One Piece 990]

Hawkins is a total punk. X Drake got punk’d. And, King looks like the lead singer in a punk band. Coincidence? Yep, it totally is. What? Not everything’s intentional, you know.

Glad the X Drake is on Luffy’s side early on. We don’t need any fake drama between them. Although, wasn’t he the one who led Kaido’s forces in destroying Tama’s village? Whoops! Send the bill to the Navy, I guess. I hear their credit’s good.

It was surprising seeing Drake one-shot a Number, but I blame myself for giving those BFG’s (Big Fodder Giants) the bare minimum of expectations. They’re so lame. Even if they get back up it won’t matter. I’m more scared of One Piece anime filler than them. Go down and stay down!

And yet, despite Hawkins’ prediction, Logan Paul still lives.

It was cool seeing the Strawhat Monster Trio in action this chapter, what with Luffy attacking a giant, Zoro cutting his club, and Jimbe catching a piece of it with one hand. Sorry Sanji fans, he’s officially part of the Middle Trio in my book (Franky, Brook, Sanji). Wait, I forgot about Robin. Well, I’m NOT kicking her out the middle, so enjoy your time in the bottom with Usopp, Nami, and Chopper, Mr. Prince.

You know, I’m actually a tiny bit more excited at seeing the Tobi Roppo fight in the future. If they’re at or stronger than X Drake then it should be a fun set of fights.

Oh! Did you see that? The Captain of the Oniwabanshu Ninjas, Fukurokuju, is leaving the battlefield. Hm? It’s too early for him to think Kaido will lose, so either he’s headed for the bathroom or he’s gonna check-up on the “dead” Orochi. Remember him? Not sure what’s gonna happen with the “dead” Shogun. It’d be weird if he sided with Team Luffy and he’s not siding with the man who “killed” him so maybe he’ll just escape and get a cover story. Strap a balloon on his back and get his ass to Mars the moon with Enel for all I care.

A dog, cat, and mammoth fighting. Think I saw a YouTube video showing the exact same thing last week.

This was a good chapter. I wish I could say I’m not interested in One Piece just because of the battles, but for the Wano Arc I’ll make an exemption. Screw Wano, just give me the fights! I want punches. I want kicks! I want slow-mo Matrix style dodging and the Strawhats wearing all black leather outfits and sunglasses! …Too much? Okay, fine. Forget the sunglasses and get me a blue pill.

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2 replies on “The Spy Who’s Who Loved Me [One Piece 990]”

I hope they just leave Orochi dead- I liked how he left the story. It’s honestly one of the most hilarious moments I can think of for the series. I think I may have built it up in my head that Orochi was gonna be this MAJOR POWERHOUSE- so seeing him just get killed like that was the best “Bait-and -switch” in my mind.

True, but given Oda’s habit of not killing characters unless absolutely necessary, I think there’s more for Orochi to do.

Plus, having a hydra DF pretty much guarantees he’s not dead in my eyes.

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