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Ice Ice Oni [One Piece 993]

You know, One Piece has the rare ability of having a lot of stuff happening but at the same time not a lot to talk about.

One Piece: Relentlessly kicking science in the groin since 1997

Let’s see… What’s worth discussing today… Oh! King figured out Momonosuke’s death will destroy the samurai’s will to fight. Now, every important character who isn’t fighting Kaido, King, or Queen will have a purpose. Okay.

Should I talk about the citizens of the Flower Capital? Sure, why not. Stand back ’cause it’s gonna be a long one:

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Nomu Shopping Network [My Hero Vigilantes 88]

That’s right. The Nomu Shopping Network’s your one stop shopping channel for all your dead super soldier ingredient needs!

Mirko once beat the snot out of Ryu from Street Fighter! Why isn’t she in One’s Justice 2?!

It’s not like we didn’t know All For One and Ujiko were behind the Villain Factory, but it’s looks like we’re finally getting official confirmation. Makes sense given the Villain Factory is the overall antagonist of the entire series. And, let’s not forget about Hood, the first High-End Nomu. It was revealed in the main series that he was an underground fighter. Safe to say not only was the Villain Factory using fighters to test their illegal drugs, but also kidnapping them either for their quirks or base bodies for Nomu. Probably both.

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An Old Navy Hero Returns [My Hero Academia 288]

Told ya he wasn’t dead. Welcome back, Best Jeanist! Or, is it? Maybe it’s someone else like…um… Yeah, I got nothing. It’s Best Jeanist, Y’all. No ifs, ands, or (denim) butts about it.

It’s either Best Jeanist or an Uniqlo model who’s in way over their head.

So, what’s Best Jeanist gonna do where so many other heroes have failed? Well, if you kept up with My Hero Vigilantes like I’ve told you you’d know Best Jeanist has the power to manipulate ALL fibers. Even carbon fiber cables. See…

And, whaddya know, that helicopter has large spools of wire inside. Coincidence? I think not.

My guess is Best Levi’s is gonna try restraining Gigantomachia and hopefully keep him otherwise occupied until that sedative finally starts kicking in.

Manga One Piece

To Brie, Or Not To Brie [One Piece 992]

Hm, not much to say this week because it was mostly a fighty-fight chapter, but let’s see what I can do. Also, be warned that my doctor has recommended I don’t say his name (started with an “O” and ending with a “den”) since it causes my blood pressure to explode like a Karen having to wait longer than 20 sec. inline at the grocery store. I’ll instead replace his name with the names of cheeses. *SIGH!* The things we do to keep our sanity.

Black Maria singing about a couple eating at Burger King.

Glad we got confirmation Big Mom’s planning on double crossing Kaido. But, I have little doubt Kaido was planning on doing the same to her. They’re both not exactly known for their loyalty to anyone but their own crew.

I do wonder what Marco will do in this battle overall. I think he really is planning on taking a supporting role in all this. He’s probably just there to keep tabs on the Big Mom Pirates or maybe smack down a Number or two. He strikes me as a guy who’ll let Team Luffy do their thing while watching a couple Netflix movies (Still using Whitebeard’s account, of course.) before tending to their injuries after the fight alongside Chopper.

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Prowlers in The Brain [My Hero Academia 287]

♫They’re Prowlers in The Brain
Yes, Prowlers in The Brain
One is a genius, the other insane
For One is never nice
Shig’s genes have been sliced
They’re Prowlers, they’re Prowlers in the Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain♫

AFO really wants The First’s necklace. It holds a picture of Dolly Parton, his favorite singer.

Narf! It looks like whoever owns the All For One quirk can indeed steal One For All if the wielder has a stronger will. Seems to me AFO could’ve stolen One For All anytime he wanted like I’ve been theorizing, but instead let the power build up enough to suit his needs. That being a body immune to Quirk Singularity. And, all the Lord of Evil needs to do now is help Shigaraki steal it then steal Shiggy’s body. You know, I’m starting to think AFO might be a kleptomaniac.

AFO alluded to killing his twink brother, but wasn’t he trying to recruit him to his side? Hm… Maybe AFO killed The First after he passed One For All to the Second User? If the only reason The Lord of Put Downs cared about his brother was to make him lose his will enough to steal his quirk then I can see that happening.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

Epic Rapper Battles of History [My Hero Vigilantes 87]

Foreshadow and connectivity. My Hero Vigilantes holds those two concepts in spades. And, this flashback will be no exception.

Holy crap! It’s Ms. Marvel!

Now, while I can’t dive deep into connectivity other than saying this flashback is most likely connected to the Villain Factory, the Big Bad Organization of the series, I will talk about Rapper VS Ripper. Or, should I say Speed Quirk VS Speed Quirk.

Oh, yeah. You see where I’m going with this, right? This was the first time we’ve seen the original O’Clock battling another fast person with Overclock. Breathing. That’s very important, Y’all. The more brain energy Overclock consumes, the faster the user will wear out. Remember this:

So, basically, the longer someone with Overclock pushes themselves, the faster the power will wear them out. And, fighting another speedster is a surefire way to lose your stamina! So, yeah, No. 6 VS The Crawler will be an endurance battle. Who can keep going long enough to win? Who will run out of “juice” first? In a battle of speed, the last person moving wins!

Manga My Hero Academia

Mind Your Own Business [My Hero Academia 286]

Recommended Reading Music

It’s funny how all that mentoring AFO’s done over the years for Shigaraki went right out the window the moment he thought he could hijack Shiggy’s body. Almost as if this was all part of his plan or something. Guess what, Tomura? He’s not called the Lord of Evil for nothing!

Deku loves beef jerky.

AFO wanting Shigaraki’s body isn’t a surprise to anyone who reads my rants…erm…reviews. A power-hungry master manipulator like AFO would never be content with retiring. He’s been in the game far too long. Hell, he created the supervillain game in Japan! Sure, at first AFO just wanted to raise Shigaraki into a villain to mess with All Might, but then he got his ass kicked, badly. After that, I like to think Mr. Egg Head adjusted his plans slightly. Tomura would still be a villain, but he would put him on the path to greatness and give him the original All For One quirk so he’d have access to Shigaraki’s super duper quirk singularity proof body, gaining everything Hands McGee accomplished. It’s a good plan. Even better because AFO’s close to getting One For All too!

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Dinosaurs Attack the U.N. [One Piece 991]

See? I told you the Tobi Roppo are hot garbage. Two of them fighting Usopp and Nami are right at their pay grade.

Queen’s either shooting plague bullets, sea stone bullets, or cheap polyester t-shirts.

Yeah, yeah. Don’t @ me complaining Page One and Ulti are probably the weakest out of the group. I know, okay! My point is the Tobi Roppo aren’t fit to wipe the Monster Trio’s butts let alone fight them. I seriously doubt any of them are throwing hands against any Strawhat stronger than Sanji.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

PaRappa the Rapper [My Hero Vigilantes 86]

My speculation juices are cooking! So, let’s pull this Vigilantes roast (or veggies if you’re vegan) out the oven and chow down on some high calorie theories.

Mr. Compress? Is that you?

First things first, I just realized O’Clock and Detective Tanuma has an All Might/Detective Tsukauchi relationship. It was staring me in the face but I never picked up on it! No wonder Tanuma put faith into Soga and the boys protecting Pop. If his old partner trusts them so should he.

We knew O’Clock was good at investigating criminal organizations, but it looks like he also tackled the illegal drug business. Hmm… Was this road leading O’Clock down the path to AFO’s organization? Were they in the illegal drug business back then? It’s not a stretch considering the Villain Factory was giving people illegal versions of the trigger drug at the beginning of the series.

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Bakugo Switched to Decaf [My Hero Academia 285]

Welcome one and all, to the moment Bakugo begins his true journey.

All Might saving a retail employee from a male Karen.

Yaoyorozu Rising. All Might Rising. Both stories dealing with a hero overcoming something personal which lead them on a solid path into becoming the best hero they can be. With Momo it was overcoming her self doubt. With Toshinori it was dealing with the grief of losing his mentor/mother figure, Nana Shimura. I think it’s safe to say Bakugo is now on his way to officially becoming the greatest hero he can be.

After he gets out the hospital, that is.

Oh, yes, the hospitals are gonna be filled with many injured, dying, and dead heroes after this arc. Including our controversial #1 hero, Endeavor, and someone’s favorite hero (Not mine, that’s obviously X-Less.) Deku. So just how fucked up (excuse my French) are his arms? In one word: FUCKED! Whoops! Je suis désolé, y’all.

Now the real question: How the hell will Deku’s arms be fixed? Because let’s face it, Deku going into the final battle against Shigaraki with only his legs to fight which is not an option! Something has to happen for him to regain the use of his arms. Fortunately, we have 3 options: