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Bakugo Switched to Decaf [My Hero Academia 285]

Welcome one and all, to the moment Bakugo begins his true journey.

All Might saving a retail employee from a male Karen.

Yaoyorozu Rising. All Might Rising. Both stories dealing with a hero overcoming something personal which lead them on a solid path into becoming the best hero they can be. With Momo it was overcoming her self doubt. With Toshinori it was dealing with the grief of losing his mentor/mother figure, Nana Shimura. I think it’s safe to say Bakugo is now on his way to officially becoming the greatest hero he can be.

After he gets out the hospital, that is.

Oh, yes, the hospitals are gonna be filled with many injured, dying, and dead heroes after this arc. Including our controversial #1 hero, Endeavor, and someone’s favorite hero (Not mine, that’s obviously X-Less.) Deku. So just how fucked up (excuse my French) are his arms? In one word: FUCKED! Whoops! Je suis désolé, y’all.

Now the real question: How the hell will Deku’s arms be fixed? Because let’s face it, Deku going into the final battle against Shigaraki with only his legs to fight which is not an option! Something has to happen for him to regain the use of his arms. Fortunately, we have 3 options:

Don’t forget California Smash where you make Shigaraki do a TV pilot that’s never picked up by a network.

1.) Eri

Y’all knew I was gonna mention her. She’s gotta fix up Mirio eventually. May as well have Deku be her #2 patient. But, would that be too easy? Well, we were teased Aizawa was going to begin teaching her months ago in-universe so the foundation is already laid.

2.) Cybernetic Arms

Yes, yes. Like Jax from Mortal Kombat. I know you were thinking it too. Do I really think this will happen? No. But, maybe there’s some risky medical treatment that could fix Deku’s arms. Just throwing the possibility out there.

3.) Another Quirk User

Maybe Japan doesn’t have a healer as powerful as Recovery Girl but someone in another country does. It would help give Deku an excuse for leaving Japan for awhile to get away from that Burnt Potato Monster formally known as Shigaraki. You know, I just can’t help but think Deku is temporarily leaving Japan after this arc. It’d be a great way for him to visit America, All Might’s second home; Escape the PLF’s clutches; and meet Captain Celebrity, who I think is now USA’s #1 hero.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but who else is gonna protect Deku from Gigantomachia once Shiggy gives his order to capture the kid? Yeah, that’s right. Giganto. Putain de. Machia. Whoopsie! Pardonnez mon anglais.

I consume the soul of the first person who reads a newly uploaded blog post. Mmm, yummy!

This was a good chapter. It was a long time coming for Bakugo to start getting his crap together, but we’re finally here. Man, this arc is changing everything going forward. I’m half expecting Koichi from My Hero Vigilantes to show up just for the hell of it. Now, if only Mineta could get his crap together at some point. Or, at least, die. That’d be cool too, Hori. Au revoir!

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2 replies on “Bakugo Switched to Decaf [My Hero Academia 285]”

I would kind of believe it was Eri- but the idea of Deku going to the US to get healed actually sounds pretty interesting, especially with the way you explained it. I kind of think that he would stay there with his dad for a while, too(if he’s there(he’s TOTALLY there)).

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