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Mind Your Own Business [My Hero Academia 286]

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It’s funny how all that mentoring AFO’s done over the years for Shigaraki went right out the window the moment he thought he could hijack Shiggy’s body. Almost as if this was all part of his plan or something. Guess what, Tomura? He’s not called the Lord of Evil for nothing!

Deku loves beef jerky.

AFO wanting Shigaraki’s body isn’t a surprise to anyone who reads my rants…erm…reviews. A power-hungry master manipulator like AFO would never be content with retiring. He’s been in the game far too long. Hell, he created the supervillain game in Japan! Sure, at first AFO just wanted to raise Shigaraki into a villain to mess with All Might, but then he got his ass kicked, badly. After that, I like to think Mr. Egg Head adjusted his plans slightly. Tomura would still be a villain, but he would put him on the path to greatness and give him the original All For One quirk so he’d have access to Shigaraki’s super duper quirk singularity proof body, gaining everything Hands McGee accomplished. It’s a good plan. Even better because AFO’s close to getting One For All too!

#87 in The 101 Ways to Cook an Egg book.

Or, is he? Can AFO steal a quirk that can’t be stolen? Or, could he the only exception to the rule because both All For One and One From All are related? AFO seems pretty confident he can, but who knows. In fact, maybe winning a mind battle against Deku and the Past Users is the requirement before truly receiving his brother’s quirk.

If that’s the case, the Past Users, headed by Nana Shimura, need to make sure Shigaraki stays in control of his twink body. Yeah, that in itself is bad news but Shiggy lacks one thing AFO has: Experience. Lots & lots of experience!

If it comes down to fighting either a Level 100 or Level 75 villain, you want to go for the Level 75 psycho. Because at least with him you have a (small) chance.

Let’s talk about Gigantomachia for a moment. According to Caleb Cook, Giggy’s about three-fifths of the way from Jaku City. And, with both Deku and Shigaraki taking heavy damage, this arc is almost over. If I had to guess (and you know I love a good guess, y’all), I’d say we have less than 10 chapters left in this arc. But, don’t hold be to it. I know you mofos love telling me I’m wrong. At least you would if I posted on Twitter. MySpace for life, baby!

Yeah, Deku. Let Nana and Beyoncé handle it. AFO doesn’t stand a chance!

This was a good chapter with GREAT art! Horikoshi is on his A-game right now. I’m looking forward to the mind battle and Gigantomachia “fight”. At this point, the heroes can only hope that sedative kicks in because as much as I love Froppy I don’t see her taking down Giggy. She’s gotta save her strength for defeating Shigaraki.

Never underestimate the power of amphibians!

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5 replies on “Mind Your Own Business [My Hero Academia 286]”

My guess is he’ll fully reject him. That’s probably when AFO will drop the bomb he had a hand in Tomura killing his family and finding him wasn’t a coincidence.

That will be interesting. And it would give even MORE credence to a Tartarus Prison Break arc- Tomura going after All For One for revenge. But that might also play into his hands. All For One is one crafty S.O.B.

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