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Epic Rapper Battles of History [My Hero Vigilantes 87]

Foreshadow and connectivity. My Hero Vigilantes holds those two concepts in spades. And, this flashback will be no exception.

Holy crap! It’s Ms. Marvel!

Now, while I can’t dive deep into connectivity other than saying this flashback is most likely connected to the Villain Factory, the Big Bad Organization of the series, I will talk about Rapper VS Ripper. Or, should I say Speed Quirk VS Speed Quirk.

Oh, yeah. You see where I’m going with this, right? This was the first time we’ve seen the original O’Clock battling another fast person with Overclock. Breathing. That’s very important, Y’all. The more brain energy Overclock consumes, the faster the user will wear out. Remember this:

So, basically, the longer someone with Overclock pushes themselves, the faster the power will wear them out. And, fighting another speedster is a surefire way to lose your stamina! So, yeah, No. 6 VS The Crawler will be an endurance battle. Who can keep going long enough to win? Who will run out of “juice” first? In a battle of speed, the last person moving wins!

Speed VS Speed. Willpower VS Willpower. Future Spicy Bara Doujinshi VS Future Spicy Bara Doujinshi.

After O’Clock (intentionally) loses the fight, he gets offered something in a needle. What is it? Illegal trigger? Possibly. It’s got to be something that’ll give those who lost their match an edge next time. As I’ve said, this could be where O’Clock first learns the Villain Factory is up to no good.

Hi, Mirko! Didn’t expect seeing you here! Hm… First, Rappa, someone with a speed quirk. Then Mirko, someone else who is very fast… I’m no rocket scientist but I’m detecting a pattern here. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say Mirko has a provisional license at this point (I doubt she’s a First Year), so what’s the purpose of her inclusion in the story? Will she help O’Clock? Or, is this flashback the reason why she doesn’t like teaming up with other heroes? Hm…

Fat Gum, my ass. Olga Sherer over here needs some gluten, stat!

This was a very interesting chapter! I was already sold when Rappa showed up. Mirko’s the icing on the flashback cake that may make this an arc to remember. Hey! I wonder who’s showing up next? I can only think of one person. A character everyone’s been demanding to see more of. That’s right, readers. Get ready because next chapter we’ll definitely see everyone’s favorite My Hero Universe character: X-Less!

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One reply on “Epic Rapper Battles of History [My Hero Vigilantes 87]”

You might be right about this flashback revealing why Mirko doesn’t do team ups. Based on what I’ve seen of Mirko; it would take more than “1 Bad experience” to sour her on something. By which I mean that she wouldn’t abandon team ups because someone she teamed with died- she’d just work harder at protecting them. But maybe someone she teamed with in this flashback prevented her from doing something she wanted.

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