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Ice Ice Oni [One Piece 993]

You know, One Piece has the rare ability of having a lot of stuff happening but at the same time not a lot to talk about.

One Piece: Relentlessly kicking science in the groin since 1997

Let’s see… What’s worth discussing today… Oh! King figured out Momonosuke’s death will destroy the samurai’s will to fight. Now, every important character who isn’t fighting Kaido, King, or Queen will have a purpose. Okay.

Should I talk about the citizens of the Flower Capital? Sure, why not. Stand back ’cause it’s gonna be a long one:

This is stupid. Seriously, how can anyone look cool wearing a cape without a shirt!

They hate Orochi.

Whew! That took three whole words. This blog really is a labor of love, y’all. So, yeah, they all hate Orochi so now we’re hoping they don’t die along with the poorer areas of Wano. Okay?

Um, what else. A lot happened, right? There’s a freaking war happening! Geez, this series is such an enigma sometimes… Oh! Sanji’s still a hyper maculate goof. Thank goodness he’s no longer part of the Monster Trio. Yeah, I’m gonna keep saying it and dare anyone to argue with me about it on my Twitter page. I would post my Twitter handle but I’m too busy shaving my manly nose hairs to do it now.

Ice Oni! One of only two interesting things to happen this chapter. Okay, okay, three! And, no, I won’t list the other two. You can figure it out yourselves, I think. Anyway, Ice Oni! Bullets that turn you into an ogre snowman. Oh, Oda, you must have been smokin’ the good stuff that day, and I love ya for it! It’s so stupid but so in character to what One Piece is. Ice Oni! They’re like zombies but icy and with swords. So. Damn. Stupid. So. Damn. Awesome!

Kiku lost an arm! Will he die? Will I care if he does? Both answers to those questions is no. I’m a meanie, yes. But, Kiku’s a Kozuki vassal and I’m contractually obligated to thrown shade at anyone closely connected to O-D-E-N. *SHIVERS!*

Uh-oh! Chopper’s gonna need a lot of bandages to fix this one.

This was a good chapter. Queen and his Ice Oni Bullets saved it from being merely okay. And, it’s always fun seeing the Strawhats interact with each other. And, guess what? I found out what Oda was smokin’ the day he thought of Ice Oni bullets! Got some right here. Let me just take a couple puffs…

Hm? Well, that’s not so— BADAIDAAK^@$3jW☐WA$%@*@(!!1111!!!!!!!

[14 Hours Later]

…………w-w-whAt tHe heLl? WheRe aM I? WhY aM I wEaring lederHosen? ANd, Why doEs mY breatH sMell liKe shOe poliSh? UGh, I’M geTting tO oLd foR This cRap…

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2 replies on “Ice Ice Oni [One Piece 993]”

I don’t think you’re that far off on him being on something when he came up with the Ice Oni bit. He said in his author comments: “There’s something I want everyone in the audience to know-there is no better combination than a sandwich and potato chips.” Either he didn’t care what he said, or he was on some………some of that “good sh!t.”

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