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Terry Crews Returns! [My Hero Academia 292]

This is one hell of a roller coaster!

If you think that’s cool, wait until you see what he does with a jar of Metamucil.

This arc one twist and turn and reveal after another. Now, we’ve got one more: Lemillion is back.

Still no Wash, but we got the next best thing. With Lemillion’s return it’s hard seeing the League doing much to stop him. I would say it’s time for the League of Villains to escape but every time I do something else happens. Could the League actually be captured this arc? Would Horikoshi surprise everyone and go down that route? …Nah! The League’s still endgame enemies. They aren’t getting captured until the final arc.

So, how did Lemillion get his quirk back? Eri, probably. Yeah, no shock there. But, here’s another question: When did she do it? Was it during the time skip by a trained Eri and Mirio kept it secret to surprise everyone? Was it while the battle was going on and Mirio decided to risk getting erased by Eri’s power to save everyone? And, how did he get to Team Deku so fast? I don’t know the answers but this chapter has officially put Eri fixing Deku’s arms on the menu.

Don’t let Mirio upstage you again, Nejire. It’s time to go Plus Ult—um, never mind.

Huh? What is it brain? ………OH! That’s right! Eri’s horn back when she and Toshinori were looking at the battle on TV (Uncle Toshi’s letting the kid watch violent TV again.) was small. Hm… So, healing Mirio had to have happened before that. Guess I’ll put my money on Mirio keeping it a surprise then.

Eri’s small horn also means she won’t be healing Deku anytime soon. So, while it may eventually be on the menu, Deku’s gonna have to make a reservation and wait.

Is Nejire dead? No.

Is Best Jeanist still injured? Yep. It’s taking everything he’s got to contain Gigantomachia. Will he ultimately keep Giggy trapped? Of course not. Remember, the League isn’t getting captured until the end of the series. Someone needs to take better notes. I’m not grading on a curve, you know.

Dabi. When he’s serious you better stay out of his way! Nothing. And, I mean NOTHING comes between him and making Endeavor suffer. Toya is gone, y’all. Dabi is all that’s left and he’s out for blood.

It’s almost strange seeing Dabi so powerful. Was he holding back this entire time or is he pushing past his limits in order to take out Endeavor? Maybe it’s a little of both. One thing’s for sure, it’s great seeing Dabi go all out!

Lemillion’s on the fast track to be among the Top 10 heroes and Top 3 Allspice endorsers.

This was a good chapter. I loved seeing Best Jeanist and Lemillion in action again. I’m glad Deku is too injured to save the day, and seeing Bakugo happy Best Jeanist is alive made me smile. Just a solid chapter. Ah! That was the school bell. Before you go, study the My Villain Academia arc for homework tonight. There will be a test on Friday for volumes 23, 24, and 25 so no scanlations. See you, tomorrow!

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4 replies on “Terry Crews Returns! [My Hero Academia 292]”

I’ve also heard the idea thrown around that the Qurik Erasing bullets effects aren’t permanent- which kind of makes sense. Based on the context of the situation; Overhaul didn’t have the time to properly test it before the raid happened. It would make sense also.
On the other hand, you’re right; Eri’s horn being small from restoring Mirio’s quirk would remove the chance of Izuku getting his arms and legs healed- preserving the tension of the series. It would be quite the move on Horikoshi’s part to make the damage sustained here a permanent thing.
This arc is so close to ending- yet it keeps up with the twists that it almost feels like Horikoshi is thinking of the ending as he goes-ALMOST. I’m sure he has an idea of how this is going to end.

Yeah, it’s a lot of twists but that’s just Hori moving characters to where they need to be going forward. Japan needs Best Jeanist right now. The same for Lemillion. Makes me very interested what the new Top 10 will look like in the next few months (in-universe time).

You Know? I was going to say “Best Jeanist will DEFINITELY Be The No 1 Hero,” but the more I sit on it; the more and more I think that it’ll be Mirio(even though he’s not out of High School). He gives off that “Young All Might” vibe, and- as No 6 tried to demonstrate- people just LOVE the “tragic origin story.” A boy who worked his tail off to become the best possible version of himself- only to sacrifice his quirk for a defenseless, captive little girl and get it back at the 11th hour of Society’s collapse? The media and public’ll eat it up!

Yeah, All Might’s (I think it was him) statement Lemillion was the closest to being the next #1 could be foreshadowing. Best Jeanist is still injured and may never be 100% again so it’s possible.

Especially, since he should be graduating from UA very soon. There’s nothing really stopping him.

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