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Don’t Mess With Mr. Compress [My Hero Academia 294]

First Dabi and now Mr. Compress. Now, I’m just waiting for Spinner to reveal he’s actually Froppy’s little brother from the future here to get revenge for canceling his favorite TV show.

Stylish hair, shaved armpits, and a refined sense of style. Mr. Compress is 100% metrosexual.

Yep. Mr. Compress is Oji Harima, The Peerless Thief’s descendant. Many people guessed that but that’s how Horikoshi rolls. He loves dropping clues to mysteries. And, it’s not the mystery itself, it’s how the reveal affects the story that’s important. In this instance, we now know Mr. Compress’ motivation for joining the League of Villains: A reformation of society.

We also learned more about Oji Harima. Most of the Robin Hood-ish stuff was first revealed in the second My Hero Academia data book. But, what we didn’t know is Harima targeted “sham heroes” more concerned with getting rich than fighting for justice. Did he kill those heroes? We don’t know. But, I think a major reason why he’s so notorious is more about him defying the new world order. Flawed or not, the Hero System was created to stabilize this chaotic world where quirks are now the norm. It was to give hope and support to the masses and make potential criminals think twice about committing crimes. It’s no wonder the government back then villainized Oji Harima so hard for his actions. It wasn’t about whether he was right or wrong, but about them wanting to establish that system and, most likely, thinking they can always “fix” the cracks later.

Spinner’s either being choked out or really has to pee.

So, yeah. It’s possible Oji Harima wasn’t a hero killer, just a vigilante trying to do what’s right— Wait! Vigilante… In My Hero Vigilantes, it was stated the first heroes were vigilantes officially recognized by the government (using public popularity as the defining factor), and all other vigilantes not given the hero title were branded as villains. …Is that what happened to Harima? Was he a vigilante who was labeled a criminal by the government for not being popular enough? Or, maybe he was popular but didn’t take the hero title because he didn’t agree with the system? Hm…

In any case, I still think Oji Harima was an One For All User and that’s maybe why he was so good at stealing from heroes. He’d basically be a Mr. Compress who could kick your ass. That’s certainly a dangerous combo.

Speaking of Mr. Compress, will he die? No. I doubt Horikoshi waited this long to reveal Mr. Compress’ real identity and motivation just to kill him off here. Nah, he’ll survive. He can always marble himself if doing so pauses the damage to his body.

At this point, Shigaraki just needs to whisper the retreat order to Gigantomachia (I think Mr. Compress brought Shiggy and Spinner closer to Giggy’s ears) and the League can escape while the heroes are busy with the Near High-Ends. Or, should I say High-Ends since they’ve been maturing throughout this arc? Anyway, I’m predicting the League will indeed escape capture thanks to Mr. C.

No, no. Not the ass. Anything but the ass!

This was a good chapter. Mr. Compress getting some focus and character development is always welcomed. And, now I can safely say the League aren’t getting locked up in Tartarus, yet. Oh, and Midnight is probably alive. Too bad about her glasses though. They don’t have lenses but the frames are frigging expensive. RIP hipster glasses. You are now one with The Force and Ghost Anakin’s casual dress collection.

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One reply on “Don’t Mess With Mr. Compress [My Hero Academia 294]”

I get the feeling that they’re going to need a Doctor to save Compress and Tomura(and possibly Dabi considering the extent of his burns now). But with Ujiko on his way to Tartarus; who will they get? Likely someone in the Liberation Front has medical experience, but there’s still the problem of the manufacturing of Nomu(low and High end).
I think it was your who proposed the idea that Himiko has some of Twice’s blood to do a “Sad Man’s Parade” to help get them out of this, so I think that will play a factor in them getting out. Like; I think Machia might be down for the count this time. They can’t rely on him to get them out now.
This arc has been so fun, but I just can’t wait to see the aftermath of it all.

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