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(All) Might Makes Right [My Hero Vigilantes 92]

Oh, this beautiful arc. Mark my words, this flashback is planting seeds to some big stuff happening in the future.

All For One’s finally putting that Toy Block quirk to use.

But first, let’s talk about All Might being able to bulk up in his prime. That was surprising. I always thought it was the result of his injuries during the 1st All Might/AFO fight. Nope! It’s always been a thing. Why? What exactly is it? My guess it’s All Might’s version of Full Cowling at a high percentage. Just like with Deku, the Symbol of Peace can’t be stomping around at 100% power 24/7. He’s gotta hold back when that insane power isn’t needed, hence him using Full Cowling too.

Nice seeing All Might and Sir Nighteye interact. You can see All Might’s always willing to put himself at risk for others (Deku, anyone?) while Nighteye is the more pragmatic one. Guess that’s always been their relationship.

There’re two other big takeaways I got from this chapter. One, All Might should easily be able to realize All For One is behind this mess. And, two, AFO really wants Overclock. This supports my theory of O’Clock’s meeting with All Might will lead to the speedster helping discover AFO’s location for the #1 hero. Which, of course, leads to the top hero and top villain’s first big fight.

The design on All Might’s chest is the Kryptonian symbol for “smile”.

It’s been said O’Clock specializes in finding criminal organizations. It makes sense All Might would ask him to find AFO. Especially, if AFO isn’t interested in taking All Might on in a straight up brawl.

So, why did it take so long for AFO to steal the Overclock quirk? If I had to guess, I’d say O’Clock did a really good job of hiding his home location in addition to AFO learning O’Clock teamed up with All Might. It was too hard and too much of a risk for the Overlord of Evil to go after O’Clock…until the big fight happened.

AFO could’ve been desperate to get his hands on Overclock in order to give it to No. 6, his future body. Not to mention, he didn’t have to chase O’Clock down. He’d just lay in wait as O’Clock broke into one of his facilities and takes the quirk. Remember, All Might thought AFO was dead or at least too injured to fight after their battle. Maybe O’Clock was told that and got a bit too careless.

Might Sense and Might Ears. I don’t even know where to begin with this. Are they joke powers or something more? Might Ears seems to just be All Might having really good hearing. But, Might Sense? I don’t know. Maybe that one’s a joke power. I’m lost here, y’all. You win this round, My Hero Vigilantes.

Spoilers: O’Clock succeeds.

This was a good chapter. It’s moving the plot forward and setting up some important events, even if those events aren’t what I’m predicting. We’ll also get to see Hoodie VS O’Clock & Rappa after all. Makes sense seeing as this will probably be the only time we’ll see the original O’Clock duking it out without getting his butt kicked. AFO, you bully! I hope stealing Overclock gave you the runs!

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2 replies on “(All) Might Makes Right [My Hero Vigilantes 92]”

If All Might’s design DOES bare a resemblence to the Kryptonian Symbol for “Smile;” that wouldn’t be a coincidence. Nor would it surprise me if you’re correct.
My brother’s and I debate all the time about All Might’s Full Cowling. And with this reveal; we’re absolutely sure now.
I think the part of the chapter that caught my attention the MOST was DEFINITELY All For One’s monologue about “What It Means To Be A Villain.” I always love how hearing Evil characters think. It was like he knew something about quirks that we didn’t. Of course that could be because of what’s revealed in the recent chapters of the main series.
This chapter was WICKED cool, and set up a lot of stuff. And it revealed more of All For One’s “Evil” mentality. Just great start to finish.

Most people have reasons for being “evil”. AFO is no exception. To me, he’s basically saying “I’m just different” and “my quirk makes me do it.” It’s all excuses for him to be an a-hole.

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