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Midnight at the Oasis [My Hero Academia 296]

The Paranormal Liberation Front wanted to destroy the current society. This chapter is a dark reminder they almost succeeded.

Big Thanks to My Hero Academia’s English Translator, Calab Cook, for providing many details about the chapter I missing during my initial reading.

R-Rated Hero: Midnight is dead.

I seriously didn’t think Horikoshi would go there, but here we are. I’m shocked. Really shocked, y’all. I thought he was going for the classic fake-out death. I was wrong. Look, I’m no huge Midnight fan, but I liked her as a character. Especially, after seeing her more informal side in My Hero Vigilantes. We learn how much of a true friend she is to those around her. How she cares for them and is willing to even put her career in jeopardy for them. Midnight was never my favorite character, but she was always a welcomed character. I’m gonna miss her.

I love this panel. And, I love you, Uravity. No, not romantically. Don’t call the police!

Majestic’s dead, Kendo’s mentor is dead, Aizawa lost his leg, Ryukyu’s injured, and Cementoss was stabbed by an icicle (Made from tap water, yuck!). The students of UA are coming face-to-face with the harsh reality of being a real hero and it’s not very pretty. Add that to Endeavor’s family issues being broadcast across the country and I wouldn’t be surprised if several students from other classes transfer out of UA (The current #1 hero’s alma mater.) even if they still want a pro-hero related career.

On the brighter side, Pixie-Bob, Wash, and Thirteen are confirmed to be alive. Yay! See? There’s always a positive to every— Wait. Where’s Armored Hero: Yoroi Musha? Fat Gum? Tamaki? Ms. Joke?! Oh, crap…I better order more CBD gummies before the next chapter drops.

Big props to Horikoshi showing Uravity being a hero along with Froppy and other UA students. It made seeing that distraught hero giving up all the more impactful. Hori isn’t pulling punches. He’s showing us every angle of this arc. From those hurt and helping at ground zero, to the folks watching everything unfold from their phones focused mostly on Endeavor. There’s a sense of realism I like about watching people react from a distance to those whose lives are impacted directly from what happened.

Yeah! That’s right, baby! They’re back and ready to— Where’s Thirteen’s left arm? …Motherf**ker!

Re-Destro, Geten, and Trumpet are captured. Congrats, Edgeshot! I didn’t think you and the other heroes would pull it off. So, what does this mean for the Paranormal Liberation Army? On one hand, the group came really close to accomplishing their goals. One the other, only 132 managed to escape the authorities. Will they see this arc as a win or loss? I’m not sure at this point, but the Advisers who are still free will strike again eventually.

And, will they seek out Shigaraki? Or, should I say, All For One? He’s in the driver’s seat now and is wasting no time trying to get his originial body back. I wonder why? He’s got Shigaraki’s body now and seems confident he’ll stay in control (He won’t.), so why? Maybe it’s extra insurance against Deku. AFO can talk all the crap he wants but left alone, Deku will become even more powerful than All Might and that’s not accounting for the Previous Users’ individual quirks! So, yeah, that’s a bit of a problem for anyone trying to rule Japan from behind the scenes. A problem that could be dealt with if AFO/Shiggy and Tartarus AFO both double teamed Deku!

Dabi, you dyed your hair black again? Or, did you steal one of Beyoncé’s wigs?

Caleb Cook brought this up and I have to agree it seems like Tartarus AFO isn’t driving AFO/Shiggy directly. Interesting. So, does that mean OFA and the AFO quirk copies a user’s consciousness? It makes sense, but I never thought about until Caleb brought it up.

The prison break arc is coming sooner than I thought. It’s a smart move by AFO. His 7 Near High-Ends should have no trouble breaking into the super prison with so many heroes injured, dead, or exhausted from earlier that day.

I’m curious which direction Horikoshi will go with the Tartarus Arc. Sure, OG AFO will be freed, but he won’t leave his personal teleporter, Kurogiri, there to rot. The thing is, we don’t know if Aizawa and Present Mic were able to reach even a small part of Shirakumo inside the gassy Nomu. And, then there’s Stain. The off-screen talk between him and Toshinori has to come into play at some point and this seems to be a good moment to showcase it. Will Stain join AFO just to deal with him later? Maybe. And, we can’t forget the other dangerous criminals locked up inside Tartarus. That’s a whole lotta powerful minions ready to be freed. We could even see some of AFO’s old crew All Might locked up before the start of the series!

R.I.P. Midnight. And, Crust. And, Majestic. And, X-Low. And, Giant Mouths Making Guy. And, Not Captain Marvel. And, Angry Divorced Dad. And, Guy Who Was Gonna Retire in Five Days. And, Naruto Cosplayer. And…

This was an amazing chapter! Yes, the arc went on for a bit too long in my opinion, but I can’t deny I’m loving how it’s ending. Bravo, Horikoshi! This and the My Villain Academia are the two arcs I can’t wait to see animated.

…I forgot about Giran! Was he captured? Damn it! Time the read this chapter for the 37th time and find out.

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3 replies on “Midnight at the Oasis [My Hero Academia 296]”

I honestly did not notice that 13 was missing their arm. And I did not expect the Tartarus Prison break arc right now! But like you said- it makes sense with all that’s going on. Though, considering what Horikoshi has said in regards to the series- this arc might not be quite as long as anyone had expected. I doubt it’ll be fully off screened- but I don’t think we’ll be seeing all of it. Man…….things are just gonna keep getting worse for the heroes from here on out, isn’t it?

Yeah, and I love it. Deku and the next generation will have to not only save society but change it for the better. This could be the UA’s students’ chance to see what flaws their current society has and try to fix them.

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