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Mr. Pirate Captain Straw Hat Luffy [One Piece 1000]

A website called Claymore. Yeah, I think that was the name. I clicked on a short video clip of Luffy punching Captain Kuro. The art style in that video was nothing I’d ever seen. The punch was satisfying too. That, y’all, was my first exposure to One Piece back in…2004? 2003? Somewhere along that time.

Fast forward buying cheap, badly subbed anime episodes to buying Japanese volumes to look at while I read chapter translations online to actual scanlations. To, finally, reading official English Translations the same day it comes out in Japan! If you told me that’s how I’d be reading One Piece one day I’d think you were nuts.

Of course, you always thought Luffy could get One Piece, Ace. That’s why in the past you stated you were trying to make Whitebeard the Pirate King. Can you spell retcon, kids?

So, here we are, One Piece chapter 1000. I gotta say, I enjoyed it. Mostly because we’re getting to the actual fight between Luffy and Kaido. But, it’s bigger than that. It’s Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law VS Kaido and Big Mom. It’s gonna be quite the fight!

One Piece rules state the side with the best battle poses wins.

Hm…Will that be the only line-up though? I don’t know, but I get the feeling Zoro won’t be the only Strawhat besides Luffy facing Kaido. Or, maybe I’m wrong. I can see Sanji beating Black Maria then fighting King. Maybe even Chopper and a few Strawhats beating Queen. Well, whatever the final match-up against Kaido is it’ll be a good fight.

And, I can’t ignore Big Mom. That’s why I think many of the current group going up against BM and Kaido will go down just taking her out the picture, leaving room for the full Strawhat crew going against Kaido.

There was some stuff with Yamato and Ace. Ace unknowingly talking about wanting to meet his hated father Gol D. Roger because he sounded like Luffy was cute. Not sure how Od*n’s journal will ultimately play into things. Maybe it holds the location of Wano’s Red Poneglyph.

Monkey D. Sellout

This was a good chapter. We’re starting off the final fight which is nice, even if we’ll be cutting between that and all the other 87 battles happening at the same time. Oh, Oda. For better or worse, you never change. That’s probably why One Piece isn’t my favorite manga anymore, but that’s okay. It’s still entertaining despite it’s formulaic and sexist flaws. Sorry, I just can’t help taking jabs at ole One Piece. We’re like an old married couple who always argues but still, somehow, loves each other. Happy 1000 chapters, Oda! May you write 1000 more. No, wait. On second thought, wrap this damn series up before 2040, will ya? I’d like to see Luffy become Pirate King before I’m old enough to retire.

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2 replies on “Mr. Pirate Captain Straw Hat Luffy [One Piece 1000]”

I’m somewhat surprises and not surprised with how much hype there was surrounding this chapter. Like; The New York Times is talking about it for Christ sake! When I heard that; I was like “Wow- I knew it was popular, but it to be THIS big?”
I liked the chapter- particularly the new “Red Roc.” And I think it will be more than just Luffy and Zoro as the Straw Hat’s fighting, too. Honestly; Sanji, Jinbe, and possibly Robin. Though I feel like Drake might end up joining in as well.
This chapter was great- and I hope we stay on this for at least a chapter or so.

I didn’t know about the NY Times talking about it. That’s cool, I guess. I just decided to come into this chapter will low expectations seeing as there’s not much Oda could do story wise except have Luffy arrive on the roof and say something cool.

Overall, it was a nice moment with him hitting Kaido, but again, we still have a bunch other fights to see along with the main one. Not looking forward to that.

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