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30 Seconds to Mights [My Hero Vigilantes 93]

Was it a Dream? Nope, the chapter’s here! No Alibi needed. Let’s talk, kiddies.

Pardon me while I scream. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Not much to talk about. Here I thought this chapter would focus on All Might taking down the Instant Villains and chapter 94 showing Team Overclock fighting Hoodie, but no. All Might only took 30 3 seconds to beatdown the Instant Villains. Wowsers! I keep forgetting how truly powerful the former #1 hero was.

So, yeah. All Might saved the day and Team Sugar Rush was able to fend off Hoodie long enough to be saved. Go Team Venture and all that jazz. Now, let’s talk predictions!

Is that Mickey Mouse on the bottom-left? I always knew Disney was evil.

One, Mirko doesn’t like team-ups because she wants to be a bad ass solo hero like All Might. If he can do it why not her, right? Either that or the reason why she hates team-ups happens in another flashback.

Two, Fat Gum getting overpowered by Instant Villains is the reason he bulks up so much in the present. Maybe he was good at that size for small crimes, but for now on he wants to be ready for anything that comes his way. So long, gluten-free cookies. Hello, cheesecake casseroles!

And, lastly, three, O’Clock decides to find AFO’s HQ for All Might. Yeah, yeah. I keep saying that every chapter. But, I’m even more sure now, y’all. All Might isn’t a detective. Nor, does he have time finding AFO himself. And, he can’t ask Detective Tsukauchi to do it because it may put him in danger. Or, maybe O’Clock and Tsukauchi work together on this? Hmm…

In any case, O’Clock is good at finding secret organizations. That can’t be a coincidence. My guess is O’Clock and All Might will compare notes, realizing AFO is behind the underground fights and Hoodie. O’Clock will volunteer to do his underground organization finding thing and eventually track down AFO. All Might will have to agree. He needs O’Clock’s skills, after all. Not to mention, they have to catch AFO off-guard with Kurogiri around. That’s why I’m so sure O’Clock will help All Might. If they keep their mission a secret, AFO won’t see it coming and escape.

Really, dude? Just admit your plan failed. Sore loser.

Here’s a bonus theory: The reason O’Clock loses Overclock is because he was caught off-guard by AFO. Okay, that’s obvious. But, if O’Clock is the one who found the Overlord of Evil, leading to the first All Might/AFO fight, then it stands to make sense O’Clock would know the outcome. That being AFO escaped.

So, what would O’Clock do? Track the silk-suited sadist down again, of course. And, this time I’d be easier because AFO was severely injured in the fight, right? But, what if AFO figured out O’Clock was working with All Might by then and was ready for him? That is probably why AFO was there. To finally take the long desired Overclock and send All Might a message: Never again.

Yes, most of your fans on Reddit.

This was a good chapter. I’m happy it moved the plot forward so much. My guess is there’s maybe one or two chapters of the flashback left. Unless we get into No. 6’s backstory after a short time-skip. Oh, crap! I forgot to sprinkle in more 30 Seconds to Mars song lyrics! Oh…um…It’s Do or Die for AFO if he doesn’t move to the City of Angels. There. Another perfect review from ole Redgeek. Hail to the Victor: me!

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One reply on “30 Seconds to Mights [My Hero Vigilantes 93]”

We’re coming up on seeing the end of O’Clock’s time as a hero. And yeah; this is probably the reason she hates team ups. I imagine she’ll explain what she didn’t like about it next chapter during the “debriefing process.” If I had to guess; next chapter will end with O’Clock saying he’s going to track down the man responsible for this.

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