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Tartar Sauce [My Hero Academia 297]

No super long Tartarus Arc for us, huh? That’s fine. Just give me the prisoners.

Giant robots VS Nomu. Yes, please!

This ain’t One Piece. There’s no Impel Down Arc happening in My Hero Academia. And, who wants to see that anyway? I didn’t wanna see Pro Hero level guards with licenses to kill attacking prisoners. Or, a couple super advanced Ultron like robots defending the perimeter. Or, even the prison itself being littered with death traps like gas or acid or spikes. Nope, didn’t want to see any of that…

Okay, maybe a little. BUT, at least we got a bunch of powerful villains escaping who are ready to put the final nail in society’s coffin. Let’s breakdown all the prisoners of interest.

All For One (OG Version)– The guy’s got ambition I’ll give him that. Wants to be the biggest, baddest Demon Lord son of a biscuit ever. And then there’s his talk of an Impeding Void Era. That’s not good, whatever that is. Hm… void. An era without heroes, maybe? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Overhaul. Without his arms he’s not much use to AFO. Not that the guy would follow AFO anyway. He’s gotta somehow fix his Yakuza Boss’s body. On a completely unrelated note: AFO’s original body’s a wreck too. Uh-oh! If AFO steals Overhaul’s quirk he could fix his body. So, even if Shigaraki regains full control of his own sexy half naked body he’ll still have to deal with his old mentor in combat. AFO VS Shigaraki death battle is unofficially a go!

How nice of the Tartarus guards to let her put highlights in her hair.

Moonfish. He’s still crazy. Moving on.

Muscular. He’s still a jerk. Moving on.

New Female Villain. Oh! Here we go! She seems level-headed. Even bothered letting Overhaul out of his cell. So, what’s her deal? I’ve…no idea. Maybe her quirk is super dangerous. Or, she’s the victim of circumstance. Either way, I can’t wait to find out.

Kurogiri. Interesting how we didn’t see much of him in this chapter. You’d think he would’ve teleported away. Maybe he’s drugged and unconscious. Look, y’all. It’s not like AFO’s leaving his loyal servant behind. He can’t. With the bridge underwater, the only way that group is leaving is by Uber Teleport.

Loyal servant, heh. Sure, I bet Kurogiri’s programming is still in effect but for how long? Did Aizawa reach some small part of Shirakumo? I bet he did. At some point down the road, Kurogiri just may break free of his programming. But, not right now.

Stain. Oh, Stain. You wildcard. We still don’t know what Toshinori talked to him about but my guess is that conversation will influence his decisions going forward. He’ll at least let AFO think he’s submitted to him. Where is Horikoshi taking this hero murderer as a character? Can he be redeemed? Is Stain the key to talking AFO down once and for all? Will Dabi beg for his autograph? Guess we’ll see.

And, yeah. My theory about Shigaraki giving his friends one extra quirk each extends to AFO. I can see Mr. Demon Lord giving his new crew an extra quirk each, making them even more dangerous. Just imagining Moonfish with a dental floss quirk gives me the shivers!

Oh, so when Shigaraki talks to himself it’s cool, but when I do it I need stronger medication.

This was a good chapter. Yeah, yeah. I know. This wasn’t the huge breakout arc adventure most of us wanted. But the results are the same. We got the return of several baddies as well as one interesting newbie. What’s next? AFO’s victory party, of course. Nothing too fancy. Just a small get-together. Eat a little cheese. Drink a little wine. Play some Mario Kart. AFO’s an evil scumbag, but the guy knows how to have a good time.

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3 replies on “Tartar Sauce [My Hero Academia 297]”

Man……..Even if it wasn’t gonna be Impel Down; I was expecting like 5 or so chapters at least. But…..I guess not. But as you said: That’s fine, too.
Seeing these prisoners break out was cool. Heck; I was most excited for Muscular breaking out. I expected him to go a wee bit “murder crazy.” It’s……he’s fun.
I’m intensely curious with this new female villain. I had to look through the series to see if I missed her. But no; she’s completely new. And I’m curious about what she did to get sent here. Something tells me you were right about her being a “Victim of Circumstance.”

I’m hoping Hori won’t shift things back to the heroes until we at least see Stain and Kurogiri out of their cells and the entire group warp away. But, that could only take one more chapter so…

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