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White Hair, Blue Fire & Red Tears [My Hero Academia 302]

Okay, then. Now we know the whole story.

Well, not the whole Toya story. Remember the cliffhanger last chapter? The one with Toya snapping and trying to attack baby Shoto? Well, we didn’t see how that played out, but Endeavor’s left sleeve is burned. I guess we’ll see what happened and how Toya ultimately survived the mountain fire some other time. Horikoshi’s probably saving it for the Dabi: Origin chapter(s).

What’s there left to say? Endeavor was a horrible father. Rei went along with it and had a mental breakdown. The other kids, Natsu and Fuyumi, they…didn’t do anything wrong. But, they feel guilty. Look, you two, it’s not your fault. Rei, give them the number of your therapist.

Endeavor forgot to teach Toya how to Stop, Drop, & Roll. Whoopsie!

I do love Rei proclaiming Shoto’s the family’s hero. Sure, Endeavor has to stand back up and face Dabi, but he’s not the hero in this scenario nor will be become one. He’s just taking responsibility for what he did, nothing more.

So…once again I’m wondering will Endeavor survive until the end of the series. Is Horikoshi setting up the #1 hero defeating his son? …No. I think he will try, but in the end it will be Shoto who finally defeats the murderous Todoroki. Just like Deku has to defeat Shigaraki, Shoto will have to stop Dabi. And, Bakugo will one day have to stop…yelling. Yes, my friends, Bakugo VS The Library is now set in stone.

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TamaVision [One Piece 1004]

Tama’s forcing her control on countless sentient beings. Making them play the role she wants to play for her benefit. Are we sure she’s not the evil one here?

Of course not! You see, when someone like the Scarlet Witch destroys free will because they’re lonely, that’s bad. But, when it’s to win a war against evil pirates, that’s good. On citizens=bad. On pirates=good. Got it?

Breaking News: Scientists discover robots are what killed the dinosaurs.

Okay, okay, it’s pretty effed up not matter how you slice it, but the Animal Kingdom Pirates constantly engage in murder, slave trading, theft, and torture. They’re not exactly a group you should sympathize with. So, in my humble conclusion…screw ’em!

Manga My Hero Academia

Dabi’s Hot Butt Is Really Cool [My Hero Academia 301]

NEWSFLASH: Enji Todoroki’s a terrible father.

We have confirmation Toya’s flame quirk is indeed incompatible with his Ice Ice Body. No surprise there. Everyone ready to talk about how much Endeavor’s hot garage? Alright, let’s do it.

If this family was anymore toxic their mail carrier would have to wear a hazmat suit.

But first, screw Rei’s father for agreeing to give his daughter away to some dude she never met. I’m not a fan of arranged marriages (Unless it’s me and Ahsoka Tano), so seeing that at the start really set the gloomy tone of this chapter.

I’d love to go on and on about Endeavor being a shitty dad but it’s already been done to death. Papa Flame gave Toya all the attention in the world so he’d become the next #1 hero. But, once he found out about Toya’s icy body, Enji abandoned him. Sure, he wanted his eldest son to stop burning himself. That’s nice, right? Yeah. But, the problem is with how he went about it.

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Detective Tsukauchi Needs to Get Laid [My Hero Vigilantes 95]

Or, a Snickers. Or, go to the movies. Something, anything, to calm you’re vigilante hating butt down.

What Aizawa says anytime Mineta and Kaminari does something stupid.

Oh, I can’t wait for the shock Tsukauchi will get when it’s revealed a hero turned Pop Step into a villain, killed numerous people, and almost murdered Detective Tanuma. Maybe that will finally pull the stick out of his law enforcing tail pipe.

But, in the meantime, Team Crawler’s gotta deal with this Tsukauchi. A Tsukauchi holding Koichi’s arrest warrant and a top-secret operation ready to go. Luckily, he texted Aizawa about it. Tsukauchi isn’t stupid, he knows he’ll need a hero or two if he wants to take down my buddy Koichi. Aizawa’s one. Will we see more?

My guess is yes. In fact, this plot is a perfect excuse to bring back not only Eraser Head, but other Pro-heroes Koichi befriended over the years like Ingenium and Fat Gum. Oh, yes, we could be seeing all of them again in the final battle.

Manga My Hero Academia

Stain or Stendhal? [My Hero Academia 300]

Three-hundred chapters, y’all! Congratulations, Horikoshi! May you never get kicked into a pit by a guy screaming about Sparta.

Time to cut the cheese!

Yoroi Musha, the #9 hero quit. Oh, excuse me! Retired. Yep, like the narrator said, this will open the floodgates for any other hero having second thoughts to pack it up. And remember, the manga hasn’t addressed hero students quitting yet. Keep an eye out for that! I don’t see anyone from Class A quitting. Maybe one or two from Class B, but that’s a BIG maybe. Most likely other unnamed students from UA will transfer out the famed hero school.

Wash has gotta be a cyborg. Why am I the only one talking about it?! And, if I’m right, was their cybernetics created by the same person who built the advanced medical equipment at Central Hospital? I guess when that person’s revealed we’ll get more answers.

Civilians are fighting back. They kinda have too given the current situation. Many heroes are dead or injured. More are quitting. And others are trying to recapture escaped prisoners. And, with the Hero Safety Commission in disarray, it’s just a chaotic time. Not just escaped convicts, but any gang or criminal is gonna take full advantage of the situation. So, what does all this mean? It’s simple…

The return of vigilantism.

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ORA ORA ORA [One Piece 1003]

Luffy’s been hanging out with Snoop Dogg again.

This was a good chapter! It’s great seeing Team Luffy push Kaido into having to use his man-beast form. And, while it was surprising seeing CP0 on Onigashima Island, I’m intrigued to learn what Oda will have them do even if it’s just to witness the defeat of two Emperors of the Sea. Well, if they aren’t too drunk on all the free booze they can drink.




…Um…you can go now. Review’s over.

Manga One Piece

More Fighting [One Piece 1002]

What the hell am I supposed to talk about?!

The Godzilla vs. Kong manga adaption’s looking good.

Seriously, what? I don’t do chapter recaps, I just post my general thoughts on a chapter and focus on points of interest then make stupid predictions. It’s what I do. What’s there to point out this week? How Big Mom should’ve hit everyone with lighting at the very start? How Kaido should’ve blasted everyone with his dragon breath ages ago?

*sigh* Let’s see what I can do… Kaido has a strong defense. Um…Big Mom will probably be taken out first. …Didn’t I say that on the last One Piece review? Ugh!

Manga My Hero Academia

Free As A Bird [My Hero Academia 299]

Hawks is back and ready to attack…public opinion.

Got some more backstory on Hawks. Nice! Interesting seeing the number two hero up and about so soon. That Central Hospital is great, huh? More on that later. For now, let’s talk about all the other points of interest this chapter sparked in my fat, squishy head.

Did you notice Hawks’ father, Takami, had feathers on his arms? Also, Takami wanted to use his wife’s (Tomie) quirk to make money. Hmm… I’m guessing with the floating eyeballs and repeating “Don’t leave” to Takami that Tomie has some sort of clairvoyance quirk (The don’t leave referring to him leaving the house and eventually getting captured by Endeavor.). Clairvoyance + Feathers = Fierce Wings. Makes sense to me.

Rumor has it Best Jeanist bought his car at Bruce Wayne’s garage sale.

How did Dabi find Tomie? Did he ask Skeptic to pry into Hero Safety Commission records? Maybe. I can’t think of any other reason. Speaking of the HSC. What exactly are they doing in this current hero public relations nightmare? Hawks implied the chairwoman is too injured or dead to give him orders. Is the rest of the commission sitting on their hands? Time to step up, Mera!