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Free As A Bird [My Hero Academia 299]

Hawks is back and ready to attack…public opinion.

Got some more backstory on Hawks. Nice! Interesting seeing the number two hero up and about so soon. That Central Hospital is great, huh? More on that later. For now, let’s talk about all the other points of interest this chapter sparked in my fat, squishy head.

Did you notice Hawks’ father, Takami, had feathers on his arms? Also, Takami wanted to use his wife’s (Tomie) quirk to make money. Hmm… I’m guessing with the floating eyeballs and repeating “Don’t leave” to Takami that Tomie has some sort of clairvoyance quirk (The don’t leave referring to him leaving the house and eventually getting captured by Endeavor.). Clairvoyance + Feathers = Fierce Wings. Makes sense to me.

Rumor has it Best Jeanist bought his car at Bruce Wayne’s garage sale.

How did Dabi find Tomie? Did he ask Skeptic to pry into Hero Safety Commission records? Maybe. I can’t think of any other reason. Speaking of the HSC. What exactly are they doing in this current hero public relations nightmare? Hawks implied the chairwoman is too injured or dead to give him orders. Is the rest of the commission sitting on their hands? Time to step up, Mera!

Did Takami escape prison thanks to AFO? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s currently free and working for the Demon Lord wannabe or one of the Liberation Army Advisers.

Heroes are closing up shop across Japan. Maybe not everywhere, but it’s happening. And, with the police focused on recapturing escaped convicts, many communities have become lawless areas prime for Liberation ideology. Remember, kiddies, the concept of being free to use your quirk in public is pretty appealing. Especially when there’s no one else around to protect you. The Age of Heroes has hit a speed bump. Let’s hope there isn’t also a cliff further ahead.

Starbucks baristas are packing some serious heat in Japan.

So, what can Hawks do to help Endeavor? I’m thinking he’ll reveal his past to the general public, explaining while Dabi had it bad it doesn’t excuse his evil deeds. Hawks had an awful childhood too and was able to raise above it. I also think Hawks may form a hero team with Endeavor. Give the Big Bad Voodoo Fire Daddy some positive Hawks energy to save his street cred. But what about the video of Hawks killing Twice? Will that affect Hawks negatively? Maybe, but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker with the public. At least with the entire public. It’s gonna be an uphill battle, yes, but it will be doable. For all we know, killing Twice could be twisted into promoting Liberation by justifying the need to kill anyone who “deserves” it.

Dead Best Jeanist. It was explained. Gotta say, I was not expecting that body to be the real Jeanist. Man, those death drugs must be very potent.

…Am I the only one here noticing how much Central Hospital is being praised? The death drugs inspired by the Nomu, Endeavor, Hawks, and Gran Torino’s recoveries, Central Hospital is getting a lot of positive endorsement from characters lately. Could all this be leading somewhere? Or, more specifically, to someone? If Dr. Ujiko’s the evil scientist of My Hero Academia, could there also be a good scientist lurking behind the scenes? A Dr. Vegapunk to Ujiko’s Caesar Clown so to speak?

I’m no doctor, but I think Hawks’ breast implants are in the wrong spot.

If that’s the case, then why introduce them now? Sure, giving an in-universe reason as to why several characters didn’t die is good and all but could Horikoshi be planning something more? Well… I’m glad you asked. Because I have a theory!

AFO has said more than once he wants to perfect Shigaraki’s body. How exactly is he gonna do that with Ujiko captured? From what I can tell he’s got 2 options: Find and retrieve the evil doctor or find another genius scientist and make them finish the job. Enter Dr. Heropunk. Yeah, there’s not much proof it’ll happen, but I wanted to put it out there. At some point, Shigaraki’s body has to reach it’s full potential. This is just how I think it’ll go down.

The same thing happens to me every time I take mushrooms.

This was a good chapter. I like it when other characters get the spotlight other than Team Deku. It told us about Hawks’ past while at the same time continuing to show how the country has changed post Liberation War. And not just angry citizens. Prices on stuffed crust pizzas when up for some reason. Turns out, liberators love that kind of pizza. Twice even had Shigaraki build him a pizzeria. He called it Double Dominoes. I miss that lovable little scamp.

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2 replies on “Free As A Bird [My Hero Academia 299]”

A Good doctor to balance out Ujiko’s presence? Yeah; that’s plausible. And yeah; Hero society just hit a brick wall. But, like any true heroes; they’ll find a way to rise above it. It’s gonna be fun to watch them try, though.
Takami……….MIGHT be out. But I kind of doubt he’s working for All For One now. Simply because of how old he’d be now. Looking at him; he’d have to have been in his early to mid 40s. And Hawks is…….20-something? Takami would be 80-something! He can’t get caught up in this mess- even if he got out. Honestly speaking; I don’t know if he could get out even WITH the chaos at that age.
Hawks has some kind of plan. What it will have to do with Twice’s death……yeah; that’s something I find the MOST interesting. When my post comes out; give it a read. I delve into the topic somewhat- as well as other things.

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