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Stain or Stendhal? [My Hero Academia 300]

Three-hundred chapters, y’all! Congratulations, Horikoshi! May you never get kicked into a pit by a guy screaming about Sparta.

Time to cut the cheese!

Yoroi Musha, the #9 hero quit. Oh, excuse me! Retired. Yep, like the narrator said, this will open the floodgates for any other hero having second thoughts to pack it up. And remember, the manga hasn’t addressed hero students quitting yet. Keep an eye out for that! I don’t see anyone from Class A quitting. Maybe one or two from Class B, but that’s a BIG maybe. Most likely other unnamed students from UA will transfer out the famed hero school.

Wash has gotta be a cyborg. Why am I the only one talking about it?! And, if I’m right, was their cybernetics created by the same person who built the advanced medical equipment at Central Hospital? I guess when that person’s revealed we’ll get more answers.

Civilians are fighting back. They kinda have too given the current situation. Many heroes are dead or injured. More are quitting. And others are trying to recapture escaped prisoners. And, with the Hero Safety Commission in disarray, it’s just a chaotic time. Not just escaped convicts, but any gang or criminal is gonna take full advantage of the situation. So, what does all this mean? It’s simple…

The return of vigilantism.

I think vigilantes (not those Vigilantes) are gonna make a comeback. In My Hero Vigilantes, we learned vigilantism was common place before governments established official heroes. Any vigilante not recognized as an licensed hero was labeled a villain and, as a result, over time vigilantism stopped.

That’s right, dear fiends, vigilantism ended because the Hero System worked and people believed it it and its heroes. Nowadays, not so much. Which brings me to Stain. Or should I say Stendhal? Before he became a hero killer, Chizome Akaguro was a vigilante known as Stendhal. Stain wanted to wake the world up to the notion of false heroes. Heroes without determination. Those that seek only fame and fortune. But aren’t we at that point now? Does Chizome need to kill heroes when there’s no longer a pedestal for them to stand on? I don’t think so. And that’s why I think Chizome will instead try to bring the world to order in his own way by once again becoming Stendhal.

See? That’s why I keep telling you mofos to read My Hero Vigilantes. It’s ALL connected.

Where’s Giran? A resourceful black market dealer like him would find this new world order a paradise. Interesting how Horikoshi didn’t show him among everyone else captured back in chapter 296. Hmm…

Let’s talk about the Todorokis. Endeavor cried. It finally hit how big a snot bucket he was to his family. Good! Seeing Enji regretful, truly regretful, will come a long way to helping his family heal.

And, frick yeah to Rei coming in like boss! Thank goodness she’s the one taking charge and bringing the family back together. What will they talk about, you ask? What’s there to say other than Dabi needs to be stopped and where exactly does Enji fit into the Todoroki family dynamic. If you’re looking for Rei and the others to instantly forgive Endeavor next chapter, you’re reading the wrong manga. Horikoshi time and again has made Endeavor’s redemption a process, and not necessarily one with an endpoint. And I like that. If they forgive him one day, fine. If not, that’s fine too. But it has to take time. A long time.

From Mega Man villain to hero. Wash has come a long way.

This was a good chapter. The continued update on Japan’s status coupled with scenes of reoccurring characters works well during this aftermath. Honestly, I’m fine with Horikoshi focusing on anyone or anything next chapter as long as he keeps up the world building. Even that nameless hero who quit. His adventures going back to college to earn his computer animation degree will be awesome!

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2 replies on “Stain or Stendhal? [My Hero Academia 300]”

I honestly don’t know about the Hero course students. Heck, i actually kind of agree; I don’t see a lot of people in the main 2 classes quitting. Except a few from 1B. I don’t know which ones, but there will be some quitting.
I also like how Horikoshi is writing Endeavor’s redemption arc. Personally; I think Rei is going to end up telling off Enji next chapter. If for no other reason than the fact that he needs a “kick in the pants.” After all he’s done in his pursuit to be #1; him quitting like this is just plain wrong. She might also still be a little upset about…….all of THAT.
You know what I realized a little while ago? All For One is “turning back the clock.” In the old days; the Rise of Quirks gave birth to Villains and Vigilantes- until Heroes were licensed. Now; Heroes are quitting, and civilians are taking up arms- becoming Vigilantes. He’s turning back the clock so he can be top dog again!- If that makes any kind of sense.

I’m honestly scared how Horikoshi will portray Rei. Shonen authors don’t exactly have the best track record writing female characters. So for I like what he’s doing I’m just worried how it’ll go down.

Turning back the clock? That’s an interesting way to put it. Yeah, AFO gained power through the initial quirk chaos . Him creating more chaos to use as a stepping stone for power again makes sense.

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