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Detective Tsukauchi Needs to Get Laid [My Hero Vigilantes 95]

Or, a Snickers. Or, go to the movies. Something, anything, to calm you’re vigilante hating butt down.

What Aizawa says anytime Mineta and Kaminari does something stupid.

Oh, I can’t wait for the shock Tsukauchi will get when it’s revealed a hero turned Pop Step into a villain, killed numerous people, and almost murdered Detective Tanuma. Maybe that will finally pull the stick out of his law enforcing tail pipe.

But, in the meantime, Team Crawler’s gotta deal with this Tsukauchi. A Tsukauchi holding Koichi’s arrest warrant and a top-secret operation ready to go. Luckily, he texted Aizawa about it. Tsukauchi isn’t stupid, he knows he’ll need a hero or two if he wants to take down my buddy Koichi. Aizawa’s one. Will we see more?

My guess is yes. In fact, this plot is a perfect excuse to bring back not only Eraser Head, but other Pro-heroes Koichi befriended over the years like Ingenium and Fat Gum. Oh, yes, we could be seeing all of them again in the final battle.

Midnight. A true friend. And, not dead. Not at all. DON’T believe the lies. *sniff*

No, I don’t mean the final battle against Koichi. They’ll be there helping to fight whatever No. 6 throws at the good guys while he tries using the opportunity to kill Pop Step. I’m thinking he’ll use more flying monsters or whatever new monstrosities Doctor Ujiko’s cooked up since the time skip. We’re entering the endgame, y’all. Things will only get more intense from here on out.

I’m surprised Detective Tanuma didn’t die like I predicted, but he’s still outta the game. It’s Tsukauchi’s show now. But, who knows? Maybe the injured detective will get a quick visit from an old friend soon.

That’s right, Knuckleduster fans. Someone broke into Koichi’s home and the only thing revealed to be missing is the bag on the picture wall holding KD’s brass knuckles! At first, I thought maybe it could’ve been No. 6 but that manic only cares about the hero O’Clock, not the vigilante Knuckleduster. Yep, the only person who’d want those brass knuckles is their previous owner.

Finally! We finally have a hint KD is alive. I’m very excited what he’s got planned for dealing with No. 6. Maybe he’s spent all this time looking for someone to help Koichi. Perhaps a certain underground fighter who loves punching the crap out of people? And, why stop there? Could Tsukauchi have also texted Mirko to help? Could THIS arc be where we learn why she doesn’t like team-ups? Hmm…

This was a great chapter! Things are moving along at a great pace. We saw a lot of the cast but the chapter didn’t feel overwhelming or cluttered. It was nice seeing Makoto and the Captain Celebrity Family again. Makoto’s working hard at finding the real perpetrator. Watch out, No. 6! Because Makoto’s investigative foot is gonna get shoved so far up your ass, you’re breath will smell like shoe polish. Have fun overclocking that, creep.

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2 replies on “Detective Tsukauchi Needs to Get Laid [My Hero Vigilantes 95]”

I read the chapter earlier, and I was quite perplexed by the scene in Koichi’s room. Then I realized the brass Knuckles were missing. I take this to mean that he’s alive. But will he survive the final conflict with No 6?
Going to recruit Rappa? That’s a possibility, but……is he working for the Shie Hassaikai by now? If not, then there’s a possibility. And Rappa would be happy to have a death match against someone like No 6. But if he IS working for Overhaul now, then that presents a problem.
Tsukauchi be trippin’ in this series. Maybe that’s why he’s much calmer in the main story- because he was wrong about what’s happening now; he calms down and thinks more. Or something like that.

Will KD survive? I don’t know. It can go either in my mind.

I can at least see KD trying to find Rappa but can’t or he refuses because he wants to focus on Overhaul.

Yeah, Tsukauchi being a jerk has been building up for a while now. I just hope he learns a valuable lesson from all this. I think he will.

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