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Dabi’s Hot Butt Is Really Cool [My Hero Academia 301]

NEWSFLASH: Enji Todoroki’s a terrible father.

We have confirmation Toya’s flame quirk is indeed incompatible with his Ice Ice Body. No surprise there. Everyone ready to talk about how much Endeavor’s hot garage? Alright, let’s do it.

If this family was anymore toxic their mail carrier would have to wear a hazmat suit.

But first, screw Rei’s father for agreeing to give his daughter away to some dude she never met. I’m not a fan of arranged marriages (Unless it’s me and Ahsoka Tano), so seeing that at the start really set the gloomy tone of this chapter.

I’d love to go on and on about Endeavor being a shitty dad but it’s already been done to death. Papa Flame gave Toya all the attention in the world so he’d become the next #1 hero. But, once he found out about Toya’s icy body, Enji abandoned him. Sure, he wanted his eldest son to stop burning himself. That’s nice, right? Yeah. But, the problem is with how he went about it.

Endeavor loves My Chemical Romance

Instead of telling Toya to abandon the dream YOU instilled in him, having other children intending to replace him as the favorite, and basically stop playing attention to him unless he’s setting himself on fire, maybe, just maybe, Endeavor, you could have:

  1. Admit you were wrong to force your dreams on your kids and STOP your obsession with All Might since you now see firsthand how that type of thinking is nothing but destructive.
  2. Continue encouraging Toya to become a hero by supporting and training him even though he may never become #1. With his father’s help and attention, Toya would come to understand he doesn’t have to be “perfect” to be loved.
  3. Not be a total piece of dog shit in any other way, shape, or form.

See? Being a parent is easy, y’all.

Well, Endeavor hit the jackpot with Shoto and that pretty much sealed Toya’s fate. No wonder he lashed out against the little ragamuffin at the end of the chapter. Toya’s hate had boiled over. And that is when Baby Dabi reached the point of no return. It was never gonna end well after that. And it didn’t.

But, hey, on the bright side with Dabi’s secret out in the open his relationship with the League can be friendlier. He no longer has to hide who he really is. Plus, I’m sure Spinner and the rest of the group won’t mind helping Dabi give Endeavor as many middle fingers as they can muster. The League of Villains supporting Dabi will bring them all closer in the end.

Calm down, Rei. Toya just wants to give Shoto a high-five.

This was a good chapter. I’ll admit though with all the world building Horikoshi could do after ripping Hero Society a new one, I’m surprised he’s putting Dabi’s backstory here. Oh, well. I’m fine with it. It’s time we knew the full story. Next time, we’ll get the second half of Toya’s decent into madness and maybe even learn how he survived his training accident. My guess: Bandages. Lots and lots of bandages. Hey! If it works for One Piece characters, it can work for Toya.

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3 replies on “Dabi’s Hot Butt Is Really Cool [My Hero Academia 301]”

Yeah; he should have handled that a little differently. And this chapter kind of explains why she chose to go with the “Big Broadcast” format rather than just post a video online. He wanted people to look at him- and now they are. He just wants attention and love- which he never got from his family.
I think that Rei also played a part in it by not trying to help Toya. She didn’t give him as much attention and love as the others, but for a different reason than Enji. She didn’t want to see the darkness in her eldest son- the same darkness she saw in her husband- that she stopped looking altogether. Enji may be at fault here, but Rei played a part in it too. As I’m sure we’ll touch upon next chapter- should Horikoshi continue this part.
With all that he has to do; he’s gonna have to jump around to a lot of stuff. We could quite literally see ANYTHING next week.

You think Rei purposefully ignored Toya. Interesting. I didn’t think about it from that angle. Now, I’m more interested in seeing what happens next week.

I don’t see Horikoshi stopping the flashback until the end. Sure, there’s a chance we won’t learn how Toya survived the accident, but everything before that and after (the family’s reaction to Toya’s “death”) I feel will be revealed.

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