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TamaVision [One Piece 1004]

Tama’s forcing her control on countless sentient beings. Making them play the role she wants to play for her benefit. Are we sure she’s not the evil one here?

Of course not! You see, when someone like the Scarlet Witch destroys free will because they’re lonely, that’s bad. But, when it’s to win a war against evil pirates, that’s good. On citizens=bad. On pirates=good. Got it?

Breaking News: Scientists discover robots are what killed the dinosaurs.

Okay, okay, it’s pretty effed up not matter how you slice it, but the Animal Kingdom Pirates constantly engage in murder, slave trading, theft, and torture. They’re not exactly a group you should sympathize with. So, in my humble conclusion…screw ’em!

And thanks to Tama and the U.N. (Usopp and Nami), the General Franky can battle Sasaki in an legit one-on-one fight. Gotta say, I’m really loving this matchup. It’s a giant robot fighting a Triceratops. What’s not to love?! Franky’s got some good shots in this chapter but Sasaki’s not going down so easily.

Nami mentioned needing stronger lightning. I can see her using Zeus’s lightning at some point in the arc. Actually, I’m surprised she didn’t keep Zeus, but something tells me Oda will eventually have the living cloud become Nami’s permanent backup. It’s the ultimate powerup for our favorite lightning wielding Straw Hat.

Black Maria was ordered to capture Nico Robin. Not surprising considering she’s the only one who can read the Poneglyphs. Kaido and Big Mamma Jamma need her or no One Piece for them. Guess they don’t have Fiverr in the New World.

Oh, hey, Hiyori! We’re goin full Smash Bros. Ultimate. Everyone is here! I’m glad her and Tama are taking a more active role in the final battle. Just don’t have her get kidnapped, Oda. We don’t need another rescue-the-princess scenario. …You’re gonna do it, aren’t you? Yeah, I figured…

And, the Academy Award for Best Performance in a Yonko Stronghold goes to…

This was a good chapter! Really good. The General Franky/Sasaki fight, Nami and Usopp being useful, and Hiyori’s return to the story made me forget all about the Kaido man-beast cliffhanger last chapter. The only complaint I have is Sanji once again jobbing to the ladies. That crap has gotten so old, Oda. It’s not entertaining. It’s not cool. It’s just an excuse to make Sanji look like a chump. Evil women deserve a kick to the face just as much as men. At the very least, get them cancelled on Pirate Twitter. I’ve already started an online petition to have Black Maria fired as the spokeswoman for The gig should’ve went to Makino in the first place.

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One reply on “TamaVision [One Piece 1004]”

Yeah; it has gotten tiring seeing Sanji job like this so many times. His fight against Page 1 in the Flower Capital was fun, which gave me hope that we’d see him a good fight. But I guess not right now.
As for the Franky vs Sasaki stuff; I liked it to. I’ve always like Triceratops- I like the way they look. And seeing Franky get in a good fight is always a fun thing to see.
This was a really good chapter looking back at it.

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