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White Hair, Blue Fire & Red Tears [My Hero Academia 302]

Okay, then. Now we know the whole story.

Well, not the whole Toya story. Remember the cliffhanger last chapter? The one with Toya snapping and trying to attack baby Shoto? Well, we didn’t see how that played out, but Endeavor’s left sleeve is burned. I guess we’ll see what happened and how Toya ultimately survived the mountain fire some other time. Horikoshi’s probably saving it for the Dabi: Origin chapter(s).

What’s there left to say? Endeavor was a horrible father. Rei went along with it and had a mental breakdown. The other kids, Natsu and Fuyumi, they…didn’t do anything wrong. But, they feel guilty. Look, you two, it’s not your fault. Rei, give them the number of your therapist.

Endeavor forgot to teach Toya how to Stop, Drop, & Roll. Whoopsie!

I do love Rei proclaiming Shoto’s the family’s hero. Sure, Endeavor has to stand back up and face Dabi, but he’s not the hero in this scenario nor will be become one. He’s just taking responsibility for what he did, nothing more.

So…once again I’m wondering will Endeavor survive until the end of the series. Is Horikoshi setting up the #1 hero defeating his son? …No. I think he will try, but in the end it will be Shoto who finally defeats the murderous Todoroki. Just like Deku has to defeat Shigaraki, Shoto will have to stop Dabi. And, Bakugo will one day have to stop…yelling. Yes, my friends, Bakugo VS The Library is now set in stone.

He says looking like a supervillain bathed in shadow.

According to Caleb Cook, the mountain fire was red. That makes sense.

Rei brought up an interesting question. Did Toya want to become a hero? My answer is yes, but for the wrong reason. Acceptance. This is what in all boils down to. Toya knew he was created to be Endeavor’s legacy. That meant becoming a hero and surpassing All Might. In his mind, that was his reason for existing. Oh, Endeavor, you really did a number on that kid’s psyche. He did it all for you and you ignored him.

Which brings me to the current Dabi. The Dabi who’s secret ties to Endeavor was revealed to the world. The Dabi who admitted to not caring about the League of Villains, only about his revenge. Well, guess what? I think that’s gonna change.

Remember, it all comes down to acceptance. And, as I’ve said before The League is a family. A family dripping in acceptance. With the cat out of the bag I see the rest of the League supporting Dabi more than ever. Why wouldn’t they? Wanting to kill the top hero in Japan is right up their alley! The mental barriers Dabi put up keeping an arm’s distance from the League will gradually breakdown. These people, as crazy as they are, will become Toya’s new family, and not simply allies of convenience. It’s just a theory, but I truly want that to happen.

Whoa, Toya! Chill with the sexist talk or— Too late. #CancelToya is already trending.

This was a good chapter. It didn’t pull any punches. Enji’s still horrible. Rei was his unwilling accomplice. And, the whole Todoroki family needs to move forward, both for their sake and Toya’s. Oh, and Hawks and Best Jeanist heard the whole thing. Nosy motherforkers. Hawks can keep a secret but Best Jeanist is such a bladder mouth. Fortunately, he always talks in clothes analogies so no one will get what he means when he’s comparing the Todoroki drama to designer jeans shrinking in the dryer.

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2 replies on “White Hair, Blue Fire & Red Tears [My Hero Academia 302]”

Yeah…….this family is rather disfunctional, isn’t it? I like how Horikoshi is making it seem like Endeavor is the “root” of the issue, but they all SOMEWHAT had a role in this. Rei could have intervened earlier- rather than biting her tongue and keeping quiet. She gave Touya that advice a few years too late.
No; Natsuo and Fuyumi are not at fault exactly, either. But take the scene in Natsu’s room. Natsu tried to ignore Touya and get some sleep. Was he wrong in doing that? Not at all. But he might have wanted to handle that a little bit different, right?
Fuyumi tried to distract Touya from the Problem rather than help him fix it- which is what she was doing herself. It Shoto had no role whatsoever in this. He was just born and there’s no problem with that- unless you ask Touya himself. I think he’ll say some messed up sh!t.
I think that Endeavor will fight against Dabi and…..maybe not die. And maybe not even lose…..per say. He might just end up taking a back role in the fight, and then the rest of his natural life will be spent trying to help and talk to Touya everyday. He’ll wake up at the crack of dawn, go to……whatever prison they send Dabi to, and try to help him- to save him from the darkness. At least; that would be my line of thought with something like this. Though I think it would be better if Endeavor was the one to take Dabi down. Again: This is HIS mess- and he should be the one to clean it up.

True, he should be the one, but I’m leaning more on Shoto taking Dabi down in the end. The son who fell VS the son who rose despite their father’s influence.

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