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It’s a Secret to Everybody [My Hero Academia 303]

A team consisting of the top 3 heroes in Japan. Nice, but what will they call themselves? The Burnvengers? The Wingfenders? The BJ-Men? Inquiring minds want to know.

So, yeah. The country’s gone to sh*t but the top 3 heroes in the country will untie to fix things. That’s quite a bold move and sends a clear message Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist aren’t playing around. It also sends a wave of much needed hope throughout the public who many I bet feel abandoned by a large number of heroes quitting and the rise of crime. It won’t immediately fix the situation, but it’s a start.

Illegal Denim was the name of my punk band back in high school. Those were the days…

Recruiting heroes from around the world will certainly help. Gee? I wonder if a certain American hero will show up? No, not War Machine! I’m talking about My Hero Vigilantes’ own Captain Celebrity. This is a prime opportunity to feature him in the main series for a bit. Especially, now that it looks like Deku won’t be going abroad.

Why do I say that? A few reasons. One, Central Hospital is so medically advanced I don’t see a reason for Horikoshi shipping Deku abroad for medical treatment for his limbs. And, two, it looks like The Brovengers will figure out Deku’s connection to All Might and help keep him safe.

Which one’s Captain Celebrity? The guy in the middle? No, he looks bald. *GASP!* Oh, no! Toxic Chainsaw traveled to America and cut C.C.’s hair!

You can’t hide it anymore, Deku. Hawks is on your ass and hearing about Toshinori not wanting anyone else to visit sealed the deal. Hawks may not know what’s going on, but he now knows whatever One For All is has to be connected to All Might, and by extension, All For One. The jig is up, kid. Turn on the stage lights, because it’s time for you to start singing!

Shoto will learn the truth too. He already knows Deku has something to do with One For All. Izuku might as well tell him the whole story at this point. It’s about time really. Let’s have Class 1-A’s top 3 all on the same page going forward.

Where’s Inko? I don’t think Toshinori would ask her to not visit Deku. Maybe something else is happening. Okay, it’s been a few days and she probably already visited, but could she be also…I don’t know…meeting up with Papa Midoriya? Did he already return to Japan? It’s possible. Or maybe he will later. Papa Midoriya’s job keeps him abroad. So, what if Japan’s current crisis brings him back home to work here? Could Papa Middy be part of a relief organization? Or, maybe he works for a hero abroad? Whatever it is, I get the feeling we’ll see Daddy Deku before the end of 2021.

Lastly, just what are Deku and the One For All Predecessors talking about? It’s gotta be more than making chapped lips jokes behind Shigaraki’s back. My guess the old ghosts are giving Deku more details on All For One. Deku’s control over the quirk has increased so that means The First can show more of what happened between him and his older (twin?) brother. A conversation between Deku and Nana would be nice too. Just sayin, Horikoshi.

Ida rubs his nipples whenever a classmate’s released from the hospital.

This was a good chapter. We’re still in the last arc’s aftermath and I’m loving it. A team-up between the top 3 heroes will be great to see as well as how that will affect heroes all over the country. With things so dangerous, it make sense for most heroes to create or join hero teams from now on. That includes Lemillion. He can join several other young guys and call themselves The Twinkies. Now that’s a group a lot of people would love to get behind.

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2 replies on “It’s a Secret to Everybody [My Hero Academia 303]”

Even if the full details aren’t released; they’ll have to address One For All to the media. The public won’t let them go without hearing SOMETHING about it.
Yeah; I think Izuku’s dad is part of a relief organization. He should be appearing soon- at least, I would think. Even if it’s just to check on Inko and Deku.
Next chapter should be INTERESTING…….

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