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Where’s Robin? [One Piece 1006]

Let’s see… I got my popcorn and chai iced tea. Better silence my phone too. Now, I’m all ready for the greatest chapter in One Piece history!


………ArE yOu F*cKiN’ kIdDiNg Me?!

Hyo? Hyogoro the Flower? That’s the focus of the chapter? Screw you, Oda! You got me all hyped up last week thinking I’d see a Nico Robin & Brook VS Black Maria. But, instead we get a character I could give two sweaty farts about! Why? Why did I let myself look forward to anything in this arc. It was a lack in judgement on my part expecting Oda to actually not hop around from scene to scene like a tree frog on cocaine. Enough with the hype already! Just get the to good stuff!

Starting from the top row: Intrigued. Okay. Meh. No. Sorta Interested. Yeah, baby! Hell No. Nope-a-doodle. Sure, why not? You don’t belong here.

It wasn’t all bad though. Marco holding his own against both King and Queens was cool. And, then there’s…nope, that’s it. That was the only interesting thing about the chapter.

Oh! Perospero defeated Carrot and Wanda, you say? So, what? Carrot isn’t all that. She never was. She’s not worthy enough to lick Robin’s dirty socks let alone join the Straw Hat Pirates like some fans think. Geez!

Or, smoke some grass. There’s a lot of good strains on Zou. Just sayin’.

Yeah, I’m really annoyed right now. Speaking of annoying, the Mimawarigumi. Just die already! Why are you a thing? Stop wasting valuable space Robin could be in and give that women her panel time.

I guess you could say I liked seeing Queen fire a laser beam from his mouth. I guess he stole the Pacifista tech and incorporated it into his body. So, basically, Queen’s a cybrog. Nice…I guess.

Which way did Sanji go? Is he going to protect Momonosuke or Team Kin’emon? Well, after painstakingly weighing all the options and rereading several famous Sanji scenes, I’ve concluded that I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! Where’s my Robin fight, you bastard?!

And, don’t even ask whether or not I care Hyogoro might die. I don’t. And, I know Oda won’t kill him. Chopper will save him. This is his time to shine. Or, rather, it will be in 5 chapters when Oda reveals what happens. Understandable. Why see the conclusion to this scene next week when we could instead check in on someone else. That’s NOT annoying at all, right? RIGHT?!

There’re called nail clippers, Marco. Look it up.

I really wanna say FU to this chapter, but it wasn’t that bad. Just fustrating we got this instead of Robin. Overall, it was an okay chapter and I’m looking forward to never reading it again. I hope Marco will be okay. Perospero’s gunning for him. Knowing Oda’s pattern these days, Bepo will show up and fight him taking up half of next week’s chapter. *SIGH!* I need an edible.

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4 replies on “Where’s Robin? [One Piece 1006]”

It was a little disappointing to not follow up last week’s chapter. But this was fine- especially seeing Marco fight King and Queen. I kind of didn’t see the Cyborg laser coming- I wonder if he still has it in his human form.

I had to check if this was actually about One Piece because the picture used on the article thumb nail is Robin from Teen Titans and not the beautiful Nico Robin. I almost scrolled right by this because of that thinking it was an article about TT and not OP

All Robins are beautiful, my dear Jade, ha!

But, yeah, I don’t always post pictures that directly relate to an article. Sometimes it’s a deep cut and/or just how I felt about that chapter. I chose that TT Robin pic because I didn’t want to post another Nico Robin because she wasn’t in the chapter and was annoyed about it.

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