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Chopper’s Anatomy [One Piece 1007]

See, kids? That’s what happens when you don’t wear masks and social distance. You turn into ice monsters with bad stamina stats.

Chopper saved the day! Thank goodness. I felt like that Ice Oni plotline had lasted for 17 seasons. So, I guess it’s Queen VS Chopper while Marco takes on King and (maybe) Perospero. Honestly, I don’t care anymore. As much as I like Queen, somebody needs to kick somebody’s ass so we can move this arc along.

Forget the Straw Hats, Queen. Animal Kingdom Pirates HR is gonna tear you a new one for saying that. Not even Kaido can defeat a class action lawsuit.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Oda for taking out the Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi! They were barely worth the ink they were drawn on. Jobbers. But I noticed the leader of the Oniwabanshu is nowhere to be seen. Hmm… Could he be headed for the “dead” Shogun Orochi? Or maybe the bathroom? I’d take either outcome.

Speaking of bathrooms, CP-0 dumps more exposition in the plot revelation toilet bowl. This time about Momonosuke’s artificial devil fruit. Basically, confirming it’s made from Kaido’s Bloodline Elements. I’m guessing it’s his devil fruit DNA or some crap. Basically, Momo and Kaido have the same devil fruit, I guess. Sure. Why not?

So…Lord Od*n’s back? I doubt it. Do I care enough to speculate? Eh, okay. I’d say it’s Kanjuro’s (literal) handiwork. No way would Oda stick to having him get off-screened.

Somewhere, Dr. Fauci’s vehemently taking notes.

This was an…okay chapter. It wasn’t terrible, just mostly predictable, so the Hyogoro drama felt more as padding than actual suspense. Oh! And, the Animal Kingdom pirates on that floor realized there’s a chance working for a virus creating @sshole that doesn’t give a damn about things like compassion and peace will come back to bite you in the butt. Shocking! It’s almost as if the Animal Kingdom higher-ups are…and I’m just spit balling here…EVIL. This is why your parents tell you to at least finish high school before going into commercial piracy. You never know if you’ll be massacred at headquarters by your cybernetic boss who’s also a dinosaur. Also, look into stock investments. Trust me, if I’d put money into Visual Den Den Mushi when I had the chance… *SIGH*

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2 replies on “Chopper’s Anatomy [One Piece 1007]”

Fukurokuju is still absent, and we haven’t even gotten a HINT as to what he’s planning. At this rate; I feel like we’re going to see him AFTER the raid!
Chopper vs Queen? YES. Marco vs King and plausibly Peros? Most Likely.
Momonosuke having a copy of Kaido’s devil fruit is a cool concept. But I wonder what Vegapunk meant by it being a “Failure.” Is it an incomplete copy? And what does that mean about how Devil Fruits(Zoans, at the very least) affect one’s genetics?

Good questions. Momo’s devil fruit isn’t like the other SMILE fruits so whatever it’s failure is it may not be a big deal depending on whether Vegapunk found a legit flaw or this is all leading to a joke.

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