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Somebody Save Me [My Hero Academia 305]

One For All is a quirk meant for saving. …Or, killing. Depends on what type of day you’re having.

This was a pretty straightforward chapter. The OFA predecessors wanted to test Deku’s resolve, and he came back with an honest answer. Deku saves people. But if he has to kick ass, he will. I like that. There’s no universal answer to being a hero. Unique situations will come up and Deku has to be prepared to do what he must, but that doesn’t mean he can’t at first try doing what he wants: Saving lives.

We learn AFO tried stealing the OFA quirk on two separate occasions other than from Deku. Interesting. So, Mr. Steal Yo Quirk knew full well he needed more than his quirk to get the power. He needed a stronger will and emotion. This also plays into my theory: AFO killed most of the other users but made sure they survived long enough to pass on the OFA quirk.

Sure. How much money you got? No checks.

When exactly did AFO learn about OFA? For that matter, when did the 1st User know? How did the Younger Shigaraki brother pass on a quirk he probably didn’t know he had? There’s still a lot we don’t know about the origins of both All For One and One For All. And, I don’t think Deku (and the audience) will find out until the 2nd and 3rd User cooperates. Their story seems to be linked to the origins of OFA so we can’t learn about one without learning about them.

I’m sure the My Hero movie villains are just hiding behind the speech bubbles…

Let’s try approaching things from a different angle. Why is the 2nd and 3rd User being so tightlipped? Do they hate Deku? No, I don’t think that’s the case. I’ve said it before, but I think it has more to do with them than Deku. Were they villains? Former villains? Meta Liberation Army members? There’s something more going on than just them being picky about who joins the OFA Club.

Now, about their quirks… We see the 3rd User has what could be an exhaust engine, but Deku already has speed. It would be redundant. But, it could be speed related though, like with O’Clock’s Overclock quirk from My Hero Vigilantes. The Overclock quirk’s effect allows the user to go fast, but it’s not as simple as it being a I-Can-Run-Fast quirk. Hmm…

The 2nd User has what could be some sort of arm gear which could be used for his quirk. I’m guessing he has an extensive range projectile quirk. Air Shot is cute and all, but Deku is gonna need something a bit more powerful in more pressing situations, and maybe that’s when the 2nd’s quirk comes in.

Yeah? Well, maybe if you remembered their birthdays they wouldn’t be so upset. Jerk.

This was a great chapter! I’m loving Deku talking to his predecessors, especially Nana Shimura. I feel like she thinks of Toshinori and Deku as her child and grandchild respectively, similar to how Toshinori thinks of Nana as his mother. It’s also nice to know AFO has been making plans on stealing OFA for a very long time, and Shigaraki is just another clog in his master plan to get it. Yeah, the Elder Shigaraki is a goner. Despite his planning, Shiggy’s gonna come out on top. Worse, I bet Shigaraki will order Gigantomachia to piss on his grave. Now, that’s just petty dude.

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2 replies on “Somebody Save Me [My Hero Academia 305]”

Re-Destro is Destro’s son, right? And he looks to be around his late 40’s- early 50’s. And the second and 3rd users would have had to have been a hundred or so years ago- based on Ujiko’s age being around 170, and All For One using his “Life Force” quirk. What I’m getting at is that I don’t think they were part of the Meta Liberation Army. That was a century+ ago; the Meta Liberation army- based on Re-Destro’s age- is fairly recent.
As for their quirks; I completely missed the engines on User #3. And User #2……….something high pressured, I suspect. But I can’t imagine what exactly it would be.

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