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School’s Out Forever [My Hero Academia 306]

The Final Act? What do you mean, Horikoshi? The final arc? The final “season”? The Final Fantasy? Tell me!

Fine. I’ll guess what you mean. Based on how far Midoriya has mastered One For All, Shigaraki needing to take his top villain spot from All For One, and other future plot points like Toshinori dying, the traitor reveal, etc,; I estimate we’re at least at the series’ halfway point. You know, like the 2 year time skip in One Piece or whatever year time skip in Naruto (I’m not wasting my precious life looking the exact number up.). My point is I think there’s still LOTS of stories to tell in My Hero Academia.

Deku left U.A. High School! I’m surprised, but not really, if you know what I mean. I once predicted Deku leaving Japan to escape Shigaraki, so Mr. Ninth User dropping out of U.A. isn’t a complete shocker.

Um…I don’t get it. Are you saying heroes are villains and vice versa? AFO and OFA are the same? Red shoes are best? WHAT?!

Here’s a question: Is Deku leaving U.A. part of a plan thought up by Toshinori and the top 3 heroes to keep Deku safe? I’d say yes. There’s still a chunk of time we haven’t seen yet. I’m guessing after Toshinori told the top 3 everything they realized there was no way Deku can safely stay at U.A. and decided he had to leave. Toshinori too, since his whole reason for teaching at U.A. was looking after Deku. I believe both of them are traveling together.

I’ve seen how popular Endeavor Rule 34 is. Trust me, they are.

And, with Toshinori watching Deku, and plenty of bad guy butt to kick, our 2nd favorite My Hero character (according to official polls) can continue leveling up OFA, gaining more experience and control. Hmm… an ex-pro hero teaching his successor completely in the field. Now where have I heard this before… Maybe, My Hero Vigilante’s Koichi knows the answer?

But what about Bakugo and Shoto? Well, I seriously doubt Bakugo wouldn’t immediately go looking for Deku if it wasn’t all part of the plan. So, either Bakugo knows what’s going on and stays at U.A. or he insisted on going with Deku. But, from the look on Deku’s face at the end of the chapter, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just Deku…for now.

Shoto? Again, I think he’ll learn the full truth just like Bakugo and will be let in on the plan.

Is that Kamui Woods at the bottom? Dude’s got 420 hair!

Oh, and welcome to Class 1-A, Shinso! Deku’s gone so just take his seat over there and get ready for some awkward silences.

Did Endeavor call Nezu about the evacuation shelter plan? Probably. Oh, Endeavor. I really thought your career was over. Maybe he retires at the end of the final arc, but for now, Japan needs every able body hero they can get. And, like it or not, Endeavor’s firepower’s needed to clean up this crisis.

I gotta say, the campus evacuation plan is a pretty good idea. Move folks whose homes were destroyed, citizens looking for a safe space without fear of being chocked out by an escaped convict, and the students’ parents to hero campuses for security. That way, the heroes can focus a bit more on catching baddies while reducing the spread of vigilantism. Sure, it’s not a perfect plan (everyone can’t fit inside or even want to go to a shelter), but it’s something.

Arm wraps? Fancy. I bet they’re made of vibranium.

This was a solid chapter and, I assume, end of the first part of My Hero Academia. We’ve got a good idea how bad things are and what’s being done trying to fix it. Deku’s life has changed forever and his classmates finally know he has One For All. About damn time! Geez! Just how many quirks did Deku have to unlock before people realize he doesn’t just have super-strength? I blame Aizawa. What good is learning how to punch criminals in the face if you’re too dumb to realize the guy shooting laser beams out his eyes at park goers might be a baddie even though he says it’s all a game of tag? Do better, Aizawa. I’m keeping an eye on you. Whoops! Sorry.

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2 replies on “School’s Out Forever [My Hero Academia 306]”

All Might and Izuku travelling around? Yeah; that would make sense. And yeah; this was probably a “group decision” between the Top 3 and All Might- as well as Izuku. How BAKUGO will take it depends on if he was involved in the discussion. I don’t see why it wouldn’t- and I honestly think that they might feel that leaving him out of such an important decision would be High-key disrespectful(especially considering he figured out One For All by himself).
They ALL more than likely know. I feel like in the note he left for Shoto; he made a little quip about him thinking he was “All Might’s Secret child.” I feel like that’s something to laugh about later. But as for who is let in on the plan-whatever it might be………plausibly everyone.
How far of a time jump do you think we’re gonna get? I hope nothing RIDICULOUS like 10 years- but more than 2, I feel.

Hori already mentioned heroes from other countries coming to help, so I don’t think the time jump will be that long. I’d say anytime under a year. Probably under 6 months. And, that’s beiing generious.

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