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Lights Out [My Hero Vigilantes 98]

The final battle begins. Nightmare Night. Terrible Twilight. Nasty Nocturnal. Deadlight Saving Time. Okay, that last one didn’t work so much but, yeah, welcome to My Hero Vigilante’s last battle arc.

It makes sense. Everything going down in Naruhata. It started here. Most of the series took place here. So, naturally, the good guys will have to work together in order to save it in the finale. I really like that. The whole fighting for your home thing. But, from the ending narration, things are gonna get worse before they get better.

This chapter’s sponsored by L’Oreal. Because You’re Worth It.

No. 6 is looking a little crazy this chapter. Well, crazier. He’s still talking to that image of O’Clock and he’s not even trying to look cool and collected. He’s going all out this time. Looks like All For One gave Roku 6 another quirk or two. We’ve never seen him use that EMP ability before, and he was also “activating” those creatures walking around Naruhata. Yep, our good friend No. 6 has been upgraded. I probably should’ve seen that coming. The Crawler is really in trouble now!

Someone on a forum I frequent mentioned No. 6 possibly now having 6 quirks. That’d be interesting to see. Hmm… A final villain with multiple quirks VS the protagonist wielding a powerful and highly versatile quirk? Oh, ho ho! Smooth My Hero Vigilantes. Very Smooth.

Bomber 2.0. That’s what I think those creatures are. Note that they have the same mouths as the Sky Egg Bomber Monsters. No. 6 wasn’t the only one getting an upgrade. They should keep the heroes busy while Koichi defends the hospital from No. 6. How will they do that? Mass destruction, of course. If they really are bomb creatures, then expect a lot of explosions and civilians in danger. That’s more than enough terror to keep even the best heroes distracted long enough to take down an Indie Pop singer.

I think it’s safe to say Koichi’s mastered flying. Did you see that dude rocketing himself up like a…um…rocket? We’re reaching peak Crawler, Y’all and I can’t wait until he and No. 6 confront each other for the last time.


This was a great chapter! Big shot out to Aizawa for laying it all out to The Crawler while not going easy on him. While most would be taken off guard, Koichi used Knuckleduster’s teachings to his advantage. He more than anyone knows not having a quirk doesn’t mean you’re weak, and it’s no excuse not to keep fighting. Well, escaping. Nothing wrong with that. You know what they say: He who lives and slides away lives to glide another day. It’s an old saying. Way old, like from the 80s. I think Cyndi Lauper first said it.

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2 replies on “Lights Out [My Hero Vigilantes 98]”

Yeah- this is gonna be hard on Koichi. I mean; he’s gotta protect Pop at the hospital. But…..he’ll have to fly past a people who are screaming for help from whatever these things No 6 unleashed on Naruhata. And as someone who dreamed of being a Hero- it’s going to KILL HIM inside. Which might actually be what No 6 is going for.
I mean; what better way to hurt Koichi and keep him emotionally off balance than have him glide by people in danger that he can’t help because he has a really important job guarding Pop- putting 1 life over other, even though that’s never the case?
Yeah; the Heroes are going to occupied dealing with these and whatever else No 6 has up his sleeve. Bomb’s ain’t gonna be the ONLY things he unleashes.
This final battle is gonna be LEGENDARY. At least; I hope it will be.

I don’t see Koichi leaving others in danger, that’s not his style. But, there’s gonna be heroes that can protect the masses so he can focus on Pop.

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